Founded in 2005, the Republican Socialist Youth Movement is a working class, revolutionary and energetic youth movement which takes inspiration from the political ideology of James Connolly and Seamus Costello. Our goal is to create a society more compatible with the needs of the Irish people, one which will put an end to exploitation and give working people control over the nation's resources as well as their own political, economic and social destinies. We believe that such a society cannot be established while an imperialist presence continues to occupy 6 of Ireland's counties. Accordingly, our struggle encompasses both national liberation and class emancipation.

With the capitalist system and neo-liberalism in crisis worldwide, the future for young people in Ireland is far from certain. There is now mass unemployment, attacks on families living standards and cuts in public services by the Irish political elite. It is no wonder young people are increasingly feeling disenfranchised from the political process in Ireland. The RSYM seeks to give these young people a voice, to educate them and to give them the tools to make a positive difference in their communities. Ireland needs radical change and the RSYM is the best vehicle to become actively involved in bringing about that change. Turn your thoughts into action, join the RSYM and make a difference.

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