IRSP New Years message to our members and supporters.



The Irish Republican Socialist Party would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to our members and supporters for their continued sacrifice and commitment. The selfless activism that has been carried out, on a diverse range of issues over the last year, is testimony to the continued and principled culture of resistance embodied within Republican Socialism.

We send our warmest solidarity to all republican political prisoners and their families. We mourn the passing of comrades who have given a lifetime’s service to the working-class struggle and we welcome new comrades with open arms.

Predictably confidence in Stormont is unravelling as its institutions lurch from one embarrassing fiasco to another. Plagued by inaction and scandal, it is clearer now than ever that Stormont exists solely to normalise the British occupation of this island by utilising and fostering the continued separation of the Irish working class along sectarian lines. No serious attempts have been made towards combating sectarianism in the North, only token gestures and empty rhetoric.

While Stormont and Leinster House continue to fail the people, their relentless and systematic attacks upon the working class; the administration so called austerity programs on behalf of the world banking elite show no sign of stopping.

2016 saw a revamping of state commitment in; cuts to education, health, public transport, infrastructure projects, to housing and the arts, it saw unparalleled pandering to corporations, the reduced investment in manufacturing, the destruction of the community and voluntary sectors, the victimisation of the unemployed the sick and disabled and the squandering of our national resources. All such examples provide us with proof (if any more were needed) that neither Stormont nor Leinster House were designed to work in the interests of the Irish working class, as such, neither deserves the allegiance of the working class.

The IRSP membership came under deliberate and unprovoked attack from the armed wings of both partitionist states in 2016, not least from the paramilitary thugs of the PSNI acting on clear directions from British military intelligence. We salute our activists and their families who remain faithful and defiant in the face of such provocation and repeat or refusal to accept any camouflaged manifestation of the Crown forces in Ireland.

Our continued refusal to accept the anti-republican and anti-working class agenda of the Good Friday Agreement, nor the numerous ‘fresh starts’ which have been spawned in its name, have made us a target for a regime which cannot afford to tolerate principled men and women in the streets. In the spirit of the founder of our movement, we repeat the words of James Connolly, ‘we defy you, do your worst’.

As the international crisis in capitalism deepened in 2016, it undeniably gave ground to ideas of jingoistic nationalism, populism, racism and fascist tendencies. It is our eternal duty to remain vigilant and ready to take direct action against such dangerous ideologies, anywhere their proponents try to organise. The wider anti-fascist movement in Ireland needs and is assured of our full support. Irish Republicans and Socialists have a proud history of physically fighting fascism on the streets we must not be found wanting in any future such struggles ahead.

As we continue to stand shoulder to shoulder with workers in their daily struggles, we declare our wish to foster and build mutual respect with other comrades prepared to what is necessary to create real progress which will allow us to best combat imperialism and to implement socialism effectively.

More cooperation is needed in the coming year. A diverse broad front of anti-imperialist organisations, the type needed to combat foreign interference in the affairs of the Irish people cannot be realised without listening to others and engaging in honest dialogue.

The next twelve months will bring many challenges to republican socialists. While we have always been a target for the enemies of the Irish working class, we acknowledge the marked shift in state aggression towards those of us who do not conform to the normalisation of the economic and physical occupation of our island.

Nevertheless, we remain committed to the principled political position which states “there is no parliamentary road to socialism in Ireland. Socialism cannot be created by seizing the bourgeois state apparatus, it must be smashed”. The establishment of a revolutionary republic through revolutionary political activity remains our aim.

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Moving day, as new Miriam Daly mural unveiled in West Belfast

Republican Socialists from across Belfast and beyond gathered today (Sunday 4th December 2016) for the unveiling of the new mural dedicated to murdered IRSP activist, esteemed Queens University Lecturer and INLA volunteer, Miriam Daly who was murdered by a British State death squad in 1980.


Miriam Daly’s son Donal unveils the mural in memory of his mother

Comrades gathered at Costello House, the headquarters of the Irish Republican Socialist movement in which Miriam was active all those years ago, for the short march to Oakman Street.

Stopping to lower the flags at the newly painted IRSP mural in honour of Comrade Fidel Castro (who was laid to rest in Cuba today) the colour party led a crowd of around 150 up Beechmount Avenue where they also stopped to pay a short tribute at the Beechmount Oglaigh na h-Eireann memorial garden before moving onto Oakman Street where the new mural was to be unveiled.

Flags are lowered in honour of Fidel Castro

Flags are lowered in honour of Fidel Castro

The chair reminded those gathered of the historical context under which we were gathered. Of how in 1996 a young Donal Daly and others painted a mural which addressed the issue of historical revisionism but went on to become synonymous with the name and legacy of Dr Miriam Daly herself.

Miriam's husband and founder IRSP member Comrade Jim Daly prepares to address the crowd.

Miriam’s husband and founder IRSP member Comrade Jim Daly prepares to address the crowd.

Miram’s son Donal Daly then spoke to those attended, reminding them of the need to resist the creeping influence of revisionism as well as paying tribute to the legacy of his mother, he was then joined by his father Jim, himself a former founding member of the IRSP and esteemed Queens university lecturer, who paid an extremely moving tribute to his beloved wife.

Describing how she once challenged the growing trend of historical revisionism within Irish society Jim Daly reminded those in attendance of how Miriam once challenged an authoritative government publication on the Irish curriculum which stated that…’The purpose of history is to understand the other persons point of view’   No said Miriam ‘it is to find out what happened, and who did what to whom’.

Donal Daly then unveiled the new mural to his mother to great applause from those gathered.


Michael Kelly, Belfast IRSP delivers the main oration.

 Following the lowering of the flags, and the laying of wreaths, the main oration was read on behalf of the IRSP, by Michael Kelly. Comrade Kelly following on from an in depth and well analysed tribute to comrade Daly, finished by stating bluntly ‘History will be written by the winner’.

After a short message of solidarity to the people of Cuba on laying their leader to rest, the ceremony was concluded by a rousing rendition of the Red Flag, performed by Pól Mac Adaim.


All in all a very moving event was had, which saw a fitting tribute to Miriam Daly returned to its rightful place, and old comrades of the Republican Socialist movement, reunited in tribute and solidarity.



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Falls IRSP to engage with marginalised youth, following unacceptable attack on local play park

In the wake of an unacceptable attack on the Dunville park children’s playground in Belfast’s Falls area, IRSP spokesperson Michael Kelly has announced the intentions of the party to confront in a mature fashion, those responsible, with a view to challenging them to explain the rationale which lies behind their decisions to deprive working class children in the district one of the few amenities available to them.

Michael announced this evening.

‘A minority of isolated young people are involved in joyriding and vandalism that youth and community groups are failing to engage with. At the weekend they set fire to trees and frameworks within the local children’s playground as well as littering the play area with broken glass. This is utterly unacceptable behaviour.’


Yet criminalising these young people will not solve the problem.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party will attempt, by engaging with those involved in this activity (and with their families) to convince them to that there are much more constructive ways to spend their time and if needs be, express their frustrations.


We call upon youth and community organisations in the area to go above and beyond the rhetoric and help us to engage with these young people via the outreach work which we propose to engage in.

The IRSP, as with all organisations concerned with the betterment of our communities, wish to work together to achieve a long-lasting solution to our social problems.

We invite all concerned youths in particular to visit our offices in order to discuss the matters concerned.’

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Miram Daly mural unveiling. IRSP Statement


Following no small degree of disquiet within the republican and wider working class base in West Belfast, arising from the defacement and replacement of a land mark mural which bore recollections and representations of the historical/academic position of IRSP Comrade and activist Miriam Daly (murdered by state forces in June 1980), party comrades in the city having consulted with the Daly family have in recent months planned and commissioned what we believe to be a fitting replacement piece in Miriam’s memory.

We are delighted to announce that this new mural will be unveiled on December 4th 2016, in acknowledgement of the commencement of prisoners month and the commitment which Comrade Daly had shown to the cause of Irish Republican POWs.

The IRSP have no particular feelings about the aesthetic value of the pop art initiative, which on behalf of U2 and with no meaningful consultation, took the place of what had been a deeply felt personal tribute from an artist to his mother, however one can easily see how the decision to replace the thoughts of a fallen Irish revolutionary with the words ‘I can’t change the world’ would be met with a degree of anger.

The IRSP decided that our best response  to frustrations which had been expressed across the entire republican base was to rededicate the Oakman Street corner wall in memory of Miriam Daly herself, replicating as best we could the aesthetics’ and message of the original mural. We trust that our decision will be respected and met favourably by all concerned.

Assemble at Costello House Falls Road Belfast, 1pm December 4th for march to Oakman Street for mural unveiling and dedication.


The original Oakman Street mural, replaced by a pop art initiative on behalf of rock group U2.

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PSNI are playing with fire. IRSP

IRSP Lower Falls Representative Michael Kelly is claiming that British Security forces risk bringing serious conflict onto the streets, following a number of high profile armed operations against its members in the city.

Over the past weeks and months, the IRSP have noted with increasing concern sustained assaults directed by the British security forces via the PSNI against its members, supporters and activists.


Vicious and aggressive ‘stop and search’ operations against members on the roadside have been complimented by targeted and destructive house raids and arrests conducted by Balaclava-clad and heavily armed men who only this morning stormed with machine guns the family home of republican ex-prisoner and IRSP Ard Comhairle member Sean Carlin, dragging him from his bed as his frightened young children looked on. 

Some weeks ago the IRSP noted with real concern the comments of Stormont first minister Arlene Foster when she insinuated that republicans not belonging to state approved political parties here were facing a ‘fork in the road’ moment. If the recent targeted harassment of IRSP members represents this fork in the road, then the party fears that the political landscape may be facing a crisis unprecedented in decades.


Michael Kelly continued by saying… “The Irish Republican Socialist Party has been in existence for over forty years, in that time we have never tolerated attacks on our membership from any quarter”. “This remains our principled position today; the British state and the PSNI are playing with fire”.

End of Statement.


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‘Steps to slavery’ program opposed in Derry City.

Derry IRSP along with comrades from 32csm, RNU and others today protested outside the offices of ‘ingeus’ today, while others entered the offices in opposition to the continued program of unpaid Labour which they are promoting in the City and beyond.

Below is the content of a leaflet handed out to passers by and to workers inside the offices of Ingeus today.


“Steps To Success” program. Quoted by local activists as “An ugly scam for the rich, more misery for the unemployed”

The so called “steps to success” program seeks to force unemployed people into a sham scheme which has proven itself unable to secure even basic employment for the vast majority if those who participate.

Under the threat of benefits sanctions and resulting homelessness, job seekers here are forced to enter a scheme of pointless and mundane “skills building” sessions and are forced to apply for jobs many of which are hopelessly unattainable or simply do not exist.

Worse still under the banner of “steps to success” unemployed people have been forced to take up unpaid posts as “jobs candidates” working for nothing, for low-life profiteering firms such as Poundland and Asda, firms which in the past rightfully stood condemned of using prison labour to stock their shelves.

Equivalent schemes in England have seen an appalling pattern emerge in which businesses have utilized the “workforce” scheme in order to pay off staff and instead replace them with Job Seekers who are expected to work for nothing, under fear of losing already meager benefits and potentially the roof over their heads, this is the ultimate aim of those who designed “steps to success”.

Not only are working class people here forced to live under the threatening shadow of this demeaning and Dickensian scheme (5,333 participants have so far been sanctioned) at least £80 million of tax payers money has been handed over to arch-exploitative firms such as Ingeus UK, EOS Works, and Reed employment in order to implement a program which offers nothing to working class Job Seekers, but a fresh chance at ill-gained profit for the filthy rich.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party stands appalled at the antics of those behind the “steps to success” program, we state openly that working class people should be defended from such demeaning initiatives and we call on all those affected by it to join with us in finding a way to smash what is no more than a get rich scam for Tory Party donors.



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IRSP confront British Labour Party attempts to organise in occupied Ireland.

Paid activists of the British Labour party (joined by supporters in the pacifist Belfast left) today attempted to use the guise of an anti-Tory austerity protest to promote efforts to organise electorally in the six counties, an intention which flies in the face of basic Socialist doctrine and traditional Labour claims to be ‘Anti-Imperialist’.


Sporting a banner proclaiming ‘Ireland did not vote for Tory cuts / break the connection with England’ IRSP activists distributed leaflets to all those in attendance, focusing on the traditional Socialist aspiration of Irish independence and encouraging the Belfast left to return to the cause of National Liberation as espoused by Marx, Lennin and James Connolly.

British Labour Party banner at Belfast City Hall.

British Labour Party banner at Belfast City Hall.

In recent months British Labour activists have been hosting meetings across the six counties aimed at building support for standing candidates in occupied Ireland; they have been supported in their efforts by the self styled ‘Socialist party’ formerly ‘Millitant Labour’ a dissident Labour party splinter group who effectively support the partition of Ireland and stronger links with the British left as a safe alternative to traditional Marxist aspirations towards Irish Freedom.

IRSP hand out leaflets to the pacifist left, urging them to return to the Socialist position.

IRSP hand out leaflets to the pacifist left, urging them to return to the Socialist position.

At a gathering at Belfast city hall, the IRSP in a civilised fashion gathered alongside the Labour activists with a view to offering the traditional Republican Socialist message, reminding them that Ireland was a subjected nation which has never had a chance to vote either for or against Tory cuts and promoting the wider cause of Irish independence as the principled socialist response to the continued economic and political oppression of our people.

Paid New Labour workers refuse to speak to the IRSP on organising in occupied Ireland.

Paid New Labour workers refuse to speak to the IRSP on organising in occupied Ireland.

The IRSP attempted to engage those in attendance in debate on the importance of the issue and while some younger members of the Socialist Party admirably agreed to do so, the full time Labour workers refused, appearing un-confident in their purpose and showing physical distain when told that they were speaking to the IRSP.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party holds to the traditional Labour principle of full Irish independence and anti-imperialism and promises that any attempts to dilute that principle under a false flag of Socialism will be challenged and exposed.

The leaflet urging those in attendance to return to the Socialist position.

The leaflet urging those in attendance to return to the Socialist position.


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Protest. We dont need British Labour structures. We need British withdrawal.

In conjunction with tomorrows Anti-Tory/Austerity demonstration in Belfast city center,  the IRSP announce that they will be in attendance yet with a view to promoting the principled Socialist position of Irish separatism and independence, in the wake of the latest draconian attacks on our class as launched by the British government.

It is clear that many within the passive Belfast left, intend to use this period of Tory attacks to extend the influence of British New Labour structures into the six counties, more still are happy to consolidate the failed English ‘Millitant’ models of organisation, blissfully ignoring the fact that Ireland is a subject nation and that this period of British & IMF imposed austerity creates a unique opportunity to promote the principled and traditional Marxist demand of Irish independence.

The IRSP hope that our presence on tomorrows protest will help to refocus the minds of the passive left on the real opportunities which now exist to promote the vital goals of Irish National Liberation and Socialism, shifting their focus from the misplaced obsession with corrupt Union structures as led by Class traitor Peter Bunting and the rush to imitate barely relevant English Labour structures in occupied Ireland.

‘Labour need not wait, nor must Irish independence’

All Socialists, Republicans, separatists and progressives are welcome to Join with the IRSP tomorrow. Gather at College Square North (side of old ‘Black man Tech’) 1pm Tomorrow (Sunday).


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Maghaberry oppression highlighted in Belfast, amid more PSNI harassment.

Under the cameras of the PSNI/RUC, republican socialists campaign for Maghaberry prisoners.

Under the cameras of the PSNI/RUC, republican socialists campaign for Maghaberry prisoners.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party in Belfast took to the Falls Road today in order to raise awareness of the continuing plight of republican prisoners in Maghaberry Gaol.

Under the ever watchful eye of the PSNI/RUC, who stalked the event with a camera mounted spy jeep, hundreds of leaflets were distributed to passing motorists and pedestrians highlighting the continuing use of strip searches, controlled movement and other nefarious forms of sporadic punishment which prisoners are forced to endure on a daily basis.

Joined by comrades from the Cabhair prisoner support group, the opportunity was also taken to highlight the case of the Craigavon Two who are currently imprisoned on the word of a paid perjurer, the railings of Costello House were adorned with a Craigavon Two banner for the duration.

Former Maghaberry prisoner and veteran of the 2012 No wash ‘dirty protest’ Sean Carlin spoke on behalf of the IRSP and of the need to maintain a supportive voice for republican prisoners of all persuasions.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party maintains that regardless of its own position on armed actions today, the systematic oppression of Republican prisoners remains an insult to all of us who adhere to the basic principles of Irish freedom, human rights and civil justice.

The IRSP will continue to do whatever it can to raise awareness of the daily plight of prisoners and the ongoing fight for political status.


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IRSP call on Sinn Féin to end diplomatic relations with Israel.

The IRSP shares the dismay and confusion of the vast majority of supporters of the oppressed Palestinian nation at the decision of the Sinn Féin party to meet with, greet and ultimately give legitimacy to the political forces behind the brutal occupation of Palestine.

unnamed (1)

In recent days representatives of the Palestinian resistance movement have appealed for Irish supporters of their cause to condemn in the strongest possible terms, Sinn Féin’s decision to court members of the extreme Zionist Likud party, as well as meeting with various representatives of the Occupying Israeli government in Ireland.

Our party endorses fully this position and the general opinion of Professor Haidar Eid of the al-Aqsa University.

As Irish Republicans, Socialists and internationalists we are angered that those claiming to represent the Irish struggle would attempt to give succour and legitimacy to those who endorse, plan and support the systematic murder of thousands of Palestinian people in their quest to establish an illegal Zionist regime.

It is nothing short of embarrassing that our comrades in Palestine would think that the actions of Sinn Féin are somehow representative of the thinking of the Irish people as a whole, they are not. We hold that symbolic Sinn Féin visits to Palestinian political figures or sporadic calls for a boycott cannot cover up that parties failure to uphold the principles of boycott when and where they matter most.

The IRSP assures those suffering in Palestine that our position is one of total rejection towards their oppressors; we endorse the principled position of boycott against Israeli goods, political representation, sporting and cultural expression.

Throughout decades of oppression in apartheid South Africa, the IRSP stood along with Sinn Féin in an effective campaign for a total boycott of all emanations of that regime, recognising that there can be no accommodation between justice and Facism.

We can only surmise on the political pressures which have now coerced Sinn Féin from that position in relation to occupation, apartheid and downright genocide in Palestine. We urge those within Sinn Féin who share our concerns to put immediate pressure on their leadership to ensure that party structures are no longer used by those who would provide oxygen of legitimacy to the brutal Zionist oppressors of Palestine.

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