Irish Republican Socialist Movement Easter Commemoration 2014 Details

The 2014 Irish Republican Socialist Movement’s Easter commemoration takes place on Sunday 20th April. This Easter commemoration is especially significant as it occurs during the 40th anniversary year of the foundation of the the Irish Republican Socialist Movement.

Assemble 11am Dunville Park, Falls Road, Belfast – leaving for the IRSM plot at Milltown cemetery at 11.30am sharp!

All members are expected to attend.

Family members and supporters are, as always, very welcome.

Saoirse go deo!

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“No strategic merit in Windsor Castle visit” IRSP

The Irish Republican Socialist Party is unconvinced of the strategic merits of republicans engaging with the British establishment in the manner they have been doing since Michael D Higgins state visit to England began.

Speaking on behalf of the Ard Comhairle Michael McLaughlin continues “Apart from a vague reference to building closer relationships “with our unionist neighbours” those republicans engaging with the British establishment at this level have not definitively explained the rationale behind their bold and indeed arrogant move. We are unaware of any collective democratic consultation process in which neither the Sinn Fein grass roots nor the families of fallen republican martyrs were involved in the decision to act against the democratic principles of republicanism by being guests of the British monarchy in a Royal Palace”.

Mr McLaughlin finishes “Unlike other actions since 1998 this move cannot be spun as a concession for the good of the peace. When strategically analysing this situation we need to view these actions as an active move on Sinn Feins behalf to seek engagement with the highest echelons of the British establishment whilst normalising and copper-fastening the economic and physical occupation of the Island”.

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IRSP “furious” at Ivor Bells detention.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party condemn the politically motivated arrest and detention of 77 year old veteran republican Ivor Bell as another injustice, in a long line human rights abuses, being carried out against republicans who politically oppose the British agenda in Ireland.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP continues “The fact that the will exists within the British establishment in Ireland to arrest and imprison a 77 year old pensioner who has suffered two heart attacks and wears a Pacemaker for a 42 year old political offence is cause for serious concern. “

“No attempts have been made to deal with the legacy of the conflict other than arresting, charging and detaining ex-combatants criminalising individual participants of the war. The establishment is trying to create a culture of condemnation in which people see the conditions of the conflict as circumstance of individual’s actions while completely ignoring the key source of the conflict, the occupation. British intelligence agencies are in total control of policing and justice their dirty finger prints are all over Ivor Bells imprisonment.“

Mr McLaughlin finishes “There is a real feeling of fury within republicanism that the British establishment uses human rights abuse and imprisonment as a tactic against political opposition we are furious at the arrest of Ivor Bell .The fact that Jean McConvilles tragic death is being used as a political football by the British establishment is nothing short of a disgrace. “

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Pro-GFA Provisional republicans were given immunity. IRSP.

Speaking on behalf of the Irish Republican Socialist Party Ard Comhairle, Michael McLaughlin commenting on the latest revelations regarding the “On the Runs” said; “The murky back room deal between republican “OTRs” loyal to the Sinn Fein leadership and British establishment sums up the squalid nature of how society currently deals with the legacy of the war. No attempts have been made to inclusively deal with the “OTRs”, Loyalist or Republican, and until such a time we collectively and sincerely find an independent non-party political approach we are doomed to repeat the cycle of mistrust and instability.”

He went on “Everyone and their dog knew full well that Provisional republicans were given immunity whilst republicans not loyal to Sinn Fein were hounded from pillar to post by the British and we’ve had many situations recently when clearly political motivated prosecutions have been instigated against those opposed to Sinn Fein. No republican loyal to the Republican Socialist Movement received these letters”

He continued “A key factor in the debate we need to collectively have is on the powers British intelligence agencies have and their control over all aspects of all political institutions. Faceless intelligence operative can sit in Palace Barracks and determine which combatant and from which political tradition to prosecute.”

Concluding Mr McLaughlin said “Because the current approach to the legacy of the past is not independent or transparent it allows these murky intelligence forces to continue to use issues like “OTRs” as political weapons within all the current institutions of Stormont.”

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IRSP position on 2014 elections.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party since its foundation has never been an abstentionist party. Similarly we do not see ourselves as a constitutionalist party. We do not believe that our ultimate political goals can be reached via constitutional politics. We have always said that all elections would be looked at on their merits and whether we believed taking part in certain elections would benefit in particular the party and in a wider context, the working class. This is a position first adopted by Seamus Costello when the party was formed in 1974 and we still stand by this position today.

After analysing the current political situation the Ard Comhairle and membership of the IRSP have decided not to contest the upcoming local government elections in the six counties. We have democratically taken this decision after a period of internal discussion. Standing candidates at this time would go against the wishes of our membership.

Constitutionalism has and will continue to fail the working class and our allegiance has always been to the working class and to building a fair and equal society on the island of Ireland. In fact some may believe that the IRSP have been led up the path of constitutional politics. Nothing could be further from the truth. The IRSP remains a committed revolutionary party, our ultimate goals remain and that is the establishment of an Irish 32 county Socialist Republic.

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IRSP Welcome Derry Housing Scheme.

20 February 2014

IRSP spokesperson Thomas Dixon today welcomed plans by Habinteg housing Association to purchase properties in Connor Court for social housing.

Commenting he said “The Irish Republican Socialist Party welcomes news today that Habinteg Housing Association is in the process of purchasing the vacant properties in Connor Court in Crawford Square. During our “House the Homeless” campaign two years ago the IRSP called for this very scheme to be purchased for social housing to help alleviate the housing crisis in Derry.

Mr Dixon went on “There are thousands on the housing list in this city and the imminent opening up of these apartments to those on the housing list is very welcome news. We would now demand that no restrictions be placed on those who will be allocated these apartments and those allocations be made on the basis of need.

In concluding Mr Dixon said “We are glad to see that calls from groups such as ourselves have led to positive outcomes and that homeless people in this city will now have access to quality housing in Crawford Square.”

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INLA Vol Neil McMonagle 31st Anniversary Commemoration



The commemoration for INLA Neil McMonagle will take place shortly before the Bloody Sunday March For Justice.  All available members, supporters and their families are asked to attend.

Saoirse go deo!

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IRSP in solidarity with Indian Marxist-Leninist-Maoist Political Prisoners.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party have taken part in a week of international action in support of Indian Marxist-Leninist-Maoist political prisoners called for by the International Committee to Support the Peoples War in India (ICSPWIndia). Communists and Republican Socialists staged a protest outside the Indian embassy in Dublin today.

Stephen Cummings of Dublin IRSP read out the following speech at the event.

“Today we come here to stand in solidarity with our Maoist comrades on the frontline and behind bars. The CPI-M, Maoist communist party of India have shared the same dream as us Irish republican socialists through their armed and political struggle they  have adopted a socialist Marxist programme, with politics in control of the gun, they have build a huge affective mass movement  against imperialism and to establish an Indian revolution. Their objective are very similar to republican socialists and any socialist Marxist political organisation,  to establish equal rights and for the masses to control India’s natural resources, for equal wage on the grounds of sex gender and abolish contract labour, child labour and to abolish landlordism and implementing radical land reform for the agriculture union. By defeating the capitalist system through radical change it’s becoming more of a reality not a dream. Through their people’s war they have seized control of vast amounts of rural areas against fascism and imperialism. As anti imperialists, Marxist, socialists, republicans, internationalists and true revolutionaries I urge you all to stay true and continue to support to Maoist struggle and other international causes that pick up arms to overthrow the same capitalist system that has them and us on our knees. LAL Salam”

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IRSP Free Stephen Murney Protest, Strabane.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party held a white line protest on the Tyrone – Donegal border crossing at Strabane to highlight the continued political internment of Newry community activist and republican socialist Stephen Murney.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP continues. “As Stephen Murneys trial descends into farce it’s important that republicans, socialists and progressives continue to build the public’s awareness of his internment. The continued use of internment against activists who oppose the sectarian Stormont assembly and its MI5 inspired use of political policing is unjust and must be broken. A precedent must be set where republicans and socialists of all shades will no longer retreat behind our narrow party political affiliations as an excuse for inactivity on such important issues. Stephen Murneys internment has the potential to affect us all. We must be united in our opposition to it.”

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End Political Internment. Free Stephen Murney.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party is calling for the immediate unconditional release of Newry community activist and republican socialist Stephen Murney. The continued political internment by remand of the Newry man has become a serious source of concern for the IRSP.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP continues “We need immediate public clarity on the intelligence links and internal briefings that exist between the OFM/DFM the PSNI and MI5 that identify people for political internment. This Troika of the occupation can no longer be let work hand in hand to suppress class conscious republican political opposition to the occupation and engineer religious extremism to ensure the continued existence of their regime. They will not tolerate non-sectarian opposition to Stormont they will meet political dissent to capitalism and the occupation with internment and physical force so republican socialists must unite to oppose these injustices”.

Mr McLaughlin continues “The use of criminalisation tactics to intern community activists and republican socialists is an injustice that must become our line in the sand. We all must continue our work in fighting for the rights of political prisoners but more importantly we must have collective dialogue to formulate a collective response”.

Mr McLaughlin finishes “The IRSP will be opposing political internment by highlighting its injustice and publically calling for Stephen Murneys release at a white line picket on the Tyrone-Donegal Border crossing between Strabane and Lifford on Saturday 25th of January at 3pm”.

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