Revive the Boycott! After the Kells eviction. Those responsible have no place amongst us!


The unforgivable images which have emerged in recent days – depicting the forced eviction of the Lloyd family from their family home in Kells County Meath – should serve as a wakeup call to the Irish Nation, illustrating the severity of the Class War now being waged upon us by the agents of Foreign and domestic capitalism.

The brutal 19th century evictions of downtrodden Irish families at the bidding of foreign financiers cast an eternal spectre over the Irish psyche; it was and remains an enduring image, representative of the oppression of our people.

In the classrooms across our country, through song, fireside stories and in print, accounts of the heartless actions of crown bailiffs, court sheriffs’ and their hired constabulary were etched into the Irish mindset and (until recently) instilled both a resolute class based hatred for the word ‘bailiff’ and a national determination that such humiliation as endured by previous Irish generations would not be repeated in the time of existing generations.

Also taught to the children of Ireland, was the tried and tested Irish tactic of mass working class resistance, known now as the ‘Boyott’. The means by which one Captain Boycott was driven from his ill gotten lands and indeed from Ireland itself by tactics in which both him and his locally hired mercenaries, guilty of assisting in the infliction of socio-economic hardship upon Irish Families would be shunned and rejected in all possible interactions, making their existence within the community virtually impossible.

The tactic was probably best summed up by Parnell, when he explained….’When a man takes a farm from which another has been evicted, you must shun him on the roadside when you meet him – you must shun him in the streets of the town – you must shun him in the shop – you must shun him on the fair green and in the market place, and even in the place of worship, by leaving him alone, by putting him in moral Coventry, by isolating him from the rest of the country, as if he were the leper of old – you must show him your detestation of the crime he committed’.

The financiers ultimately responsible for the eviction of the Lloyds from their family home on Wednesday, know nothing of this legacy nor the shared National/Class history familiar to all but the youngest of Irish people. They are not of our people nor of the Working Class, and in all matters (financial & social) the old saying ‘what can you expect from a pig but a grunt’ serves as an apt analysis of the action and motives of mortgage lender Stepstone Mortgages, an American finance company which (according to ‘Real Irish Media’) operate from 1, Spenser Dock, North Wall Quay, Dublin 1.

However in this (and the many more shameful evictions which have occurred here over recent years) there are those from both our National and Working Class social pool who are well aware of what was our deep rooted and sacred duty to avoid and resist any repetition of the humiliation of another Irish Family being dumped by the roadside, by the Bailiffs, the Sherriff’s and the hired Constabulary of Foreign financiers.

By their greed driven actions, Irish traitors such as Solicitors AC Forde & Co whose offices are at 14, Lansdowne Road, Dublin 4 (tel. 01 6608955), have forfeited the right to consider themselves as of the Irish people and deserve to be rejected from amongst us through the use of the Boycott tactic mentioned above.

So to for The County Registrar responsible for issuing the eviction order, be it Bridget O’Malley or her Louth ‘stand-in’ Mairead Ahern. So too the Assistant Sherriff Bernie McCormack who resides at Meadstown, Dunderry, Navan, Co. Meath.

Bailiff Joseph Moran also sits on this Roll of Dishonour, as having turned his back on the Irish people and the Irish Working Class in particular. Indeed all who co-operated in this forced eviction deserve to be rejected as the Class/National traitors they are.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party, in response to the increasing severity of unjustifiable class war on our most vulnerable (the most shocking of which being the re-emergence of the forced eviction) calls for the revival of the tactic of popular Boycott. That a database of the guilty be drawn up nationwide and distributed to communities for the purposed of peaceful yet effective resistance.

We call for this measure in defence of our class and as a demonstration to the heartless minority (be they Financers, Sherrifs, Bailiffs or Gardai) that the Irish people, in the proud history of our fighting forefathers, will not suffer perpetually for the interests of Foreign capital.

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Belfast IRSP remember Michael Devine. The last Hunger Striker

On August 20th the Irish Republican Socialist Party in Belfast held a dignified white line vigil in memory of H-Block martyr, INLA Hunger Striker Michael Devine who died 34 Years ago after 60 days without food. The white line vigil took place on the Falls Road.

Michael Divine was the last of 10 Volunteers who died during the 1981 Hunger Strike in the hard fought struggle to gain political Status in the face of an intransigent Thatcherite prison administration.


‘Red Mickey’ as he was affectionately known both in the H-Blocks and in his native Derry city, was a former member of the Derry Labour movement, the Civil Rights Association as well as the Official IRA before becoming a founding member of the IRSP and the INLA after the formation of the modern Republican Socialist movement in 1974.

His was a life immersed in the National and Class Struggle. An active participant in the creation and defence of the Free Derry liberated zone in 1969, Michael Devine not only committed himself to armed defence of his people but also to the vital (although less glamorous) task of political organisation and social mobilisation.


An eyewitness to the Bloody Sunday massacre of 1972, this event and its aftermath confirmed to him that Armed Struggle against the Britain State was a vital component in the Struggle to Liberate Ireland and the Working Class.

On witnessing the lying in state of the Para’s 13 victims, Michael Devine stated… “That sight more than anything convinced me that there will never be peace in Ireland while Britain remains. When I looked at those coffins I developed a commitment to the republican cause that I have never lost.”

His steadfast commitment to Armed Struggle saw Red Mickey naturally follow the path of Seamus Costello when he moved to oppose the creeping reformist position of the Officials and created the Irish Republican Socialist Movement.


Arrested on the evening of September 20th, 1976, after an arms raid on a private Donegal weaponry – from which the INLA commandeered several rifles and shotguns, and three thousand rounds of ammunition – Michael Devine spent 9 months on remand in Belfast’s Crumlin Road prison.

Upon being sent to the H-Blocks Michael Devine embarked upon the ongoing Blanket and No-wash ‘dirty’ protest, suffering horrendous conditions and maltreatment for 4 years.

In 1980 he briefly joined the first Hunger Strike which was to end without resolution, then on June 22nd 1981, as part of a rolling Hunger Strike incorporating both IRA & INLA prisoners, he joined Joe McDonnell, Kieran Doherty, Kevin Lynch, Martin Hurson, Thomas McElwee and Paddy Quinn on a Hunger Strike to the death.


Micky died at 7.50 am on Thursday, August 20th 1981 aged 27. Had he not commenced protest he would have been eligible for release the following September, instead he chose to fight on and to the death. He was a father of two.

Speaking tonight Gerard Foster and Gerard Hodgins (both former H-Block prisoners) spoke of what Michael Divines sacrifice meant to them, of the legacy of the period and the debt which today’s Republicans and Republican Socialists owe both the men of 1981 and all other Hunger Strikers who gave their lives for political status and the wider Irish Freedom Struggle.

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PSNI hand Children firearms at West Belfast Féile event.

Organisers must explain their position after young boy is handed a sub-machine gun by PSNI at Féile an Phobail ‘family fun day’.

After an appalling week for Féile and Phobail, which has seen a large and angry protest at the presence of PSNI chief constable George Hamilton. Belfast IRSP are calling on Féile an Phobail director Kevin Gamble to now also explain exactly why and how the PSNI were in a position to hand what appears to be a loaded sub-machine gun to a young child at a Féile hosted ‘Family fun day’ just this week.

Photographs obtained by the IRSP show a young child in control of what is clearly a PSNI weapon, alongside him stands another who appears to be wearing paramilitary garb of the political police force. In another photo the children are seen clearly playing inside the PSNI armoured jeep.

In what appears to be a repetition of a practice from decades gone by (wherein the British Army regularly allowed young children to handle their rifles) this move looks to be a carbon copy of that practice, the purpose being to win the hearts and minds of children from working class areas.

Speaking on the worrying development, Gerry Foster of Belfast IRSP stated….’It is quite clear from the pictures that these young children were cynically exploited by armed PSNI officers for political and tactical ends, this is an action straight out of the British Army hand book, it is very very wrong and will be criticised by all right thinking people’.


He further added ….’Féile organisers and not least Kevin Gamble its director, need to explain themselves to the people of West Belfast in the wake of these pictures. In the past years there has risen a justifiable perception, that the PSNI are being offered a priority place at Féile events, in order to normalise that force in line with Sinn Féin party policy. These pictures go some way to backing up that perception and it is up to Féile an Phobail to now distance themselves from the PSNI and the rational that lies behind their actions in the Falls Park this week.

In recent years Féile an Phobail has came under intense criticism from many who have objected to the profiteering nature of many of the events which occur under its title, and their inaccessibility to cash pressed local people in favour of pleasing an increasing middle class audience.

This latest clear attempt by the PSNi (a paramilitary police force currently engaged in gross miscarriages of Justice and abuses of Human rights) to use a family fun day in an attempt to ingratiate themselves amongst young children, raises questions which cannot be ignored.

1. Do Féile an Phobail actively encourage the PSNI to appear prominantly at their events?

2. If so then why is this the case?

3. If not will they be calling for the PSNI to stay away in the future and/or at least distance themselves from this gross and cynical attempt to exploit a young working class child?

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2015 Vol. Kevin Lynch commemoration. Calls of support made for Stephen Kaczynski. Hungerstriker.



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IRSP condemns ongoing British Army / PSNI Harassment in Derry City

IRSP Statement on British Army / PSNI Harassment

29 July 2015

Irish Republican Socialist Party spokesperson Danny Morrison has expressed anger at raids currently ongoing in Galliagh involving members of the British army.

He said, “The IRSP have been contacted by residents of Ederowen Park and Glendale Park concerned at the presence of heavily armed members of the British Army who are currently involved in raiding local resident’s homes. We too are concerned that there are currently members of the British Army on our streets years after we were told that they no longer have an active role in the north.

He continued, “We reject any idea that the British Army have any constructive role to play in the north. As is evidenced by these raids their only role is the harassment and intimidation of the local population. Given that the PSNI have brought them in in such a heavy handed manner we demand that the PSNI get off the backs of the community in Derry as well. We are calling on all other political parties with representatives in these areas to publicly say where they stand in relation to the British Army breaking into and ransacking local peoples homes.”

In conclusion Mr Morrison said, “This is unacceptable in this day and age when people have enough to worry about with Stormont’s austerity programme. We are continually told that people have to move on and forget the past. Well it’s time that someone told this to the PSNI and British Army.”


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Derry bids farewell to Comrade Peggy O’Hara

Saturday 18th July 2015 saw Derry City centre come to a standstill as Republican Socialists from across Ireland assembled to say farewell to Peggy O’Hara, a lifelong supporter and activist in the Irish Freedom struggle and mother to three imprisoned Republican Volunteers, including H-Block martyr Patsy O’Hara, who died following 61 Days on Hunger Strike in May 1981 aged 23.


Peggy’s was a life immersed in the cause for Irish Freedom, a dedicated supporter of the Armed campaign against British Imperialism, she balanced the priorities of running a family with those which inevitably come with a National Liberation struggle, in this task she was faced many times with agonising realities and trials all of which she faced with courage and dignity.

Earlier in the week a firing party paid tribute to Comrade O’Hara by delivering a volley of three shots over her coffin, on which was placed the Starry Plough and Irish National Flags. The Volunteers then offered further salute in the fashion of Military genuflexion, the same salute paid at her son’s graveside in 1981.


Peggy’s death had brought people together from the wider revolutionary republican family with comrades from across the country making their way to Longtower Church in Derry where requiem mass was said before the funeral cortege made its way to Derry City Cemetery.

Marching ranks of Volunteers as well as IRSP activists in black and whites accompanied Peggy on the long journey to her final resting place, stopping only to pay a short tribute at the Bishop Street INLA monument to her son.


At Derry City Cemetery the proceedings were opened and chaired by Derry IRSP spokesperson Martin McGonigle who urged those in attendance not to be sad as this is not what our Comrade would have wished for. Speaking of her traditional working class values he stated…“Peggy never lost her good spirits despite all the hardship. Even in her private life, she epitomised the socialist ideal. She had no regard for material wealth but was devoted to her family and friends”.

A lament ‘Táimse im Chodladh’ was played on the Uilleann pipes before Tommy McCourt – a founder member of the modern Irish Republican Socialist Movement – stepped up to give a most moving oration, recounting in detail the trials and tribulations experienced by Peggy during the dark days of 81’.

Such was their deep seated hatred for the Hunger Strikers the British government threatened to drop the body of Patsy O’Hara from a helicopter onto the family’s doorstep, we were reminded.

And Peggy we were told was torn between the love for her dear son Patsy’s young life and her own steadfast commitment to his very own ideals, this led to an agonising experience when the Thatcher administration (along with constitutional nationalism) began to put pressure on the mothers of the Hunger Strikers, urging them to initiate measures to commence feeding should their loved ones lose consciousness. Having stood by her sons wishes the agony of that dilemma stayed with Peggy for the rest of her days, yet served only to reinforce her commitment the freedom struggle and the INLAs role in that fight. She spent the rest of her life travelling and telling the stories of 1981 and assisting with commemorations and initiatives aimed at supporting the POWs, past and present.


A young relative of Peggy’s offered a song which was well received, stirring emotions with the telling line…’show me an English man who would starve himself to death’, before family members and comrades released three white doves into the Derry air, released to a shout of ‘Let the fight go on’.

The proceedings were then brought to a close with the playing of Amhrán na bhFiann by young Comrades from the James Connelly Republican Socialist Flute Band.


Let the fight go on.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party wishes to thank all those who came out to pay tribute to Peggy on Saturday last, criticisms of her funeral arrangements should be treated with the contempt they deserve. In many ways her passing represents an end of an era, obviously for the O’Hara family but also for the Republican Socialist Movement and the wider Republican family in general. We take this opportunity to thank Peggy O’Hara for all her efforts on behalf of our country and our class, and we commit ourselves to continuing the struggle for which she gave so much.


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Belfast IRSP call for an end to Shankill bonfire funding and welcome forthcoming legal challenge by local residents.


Republican Socialist flags, taken from Costello House and burned on the Belfast City Council funded Conway Street bonfire.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party in West Belfast has called for an end to the practice of Council funding for Sectarian bonfires.

Their call comes following a wave of incidents directly related to the ‘Conway Street Bonfire’ on the Lower Shankill Road, an event facilitated and funded by Belfast City Council through its ‘Good relations initiative’.

Last week the IRSP reported how Republican Socialist flags (including the Starry Plough) mounted on the walls of Costello House on Belfast’s Falls Road, were prised from the building and taken by people most likely Loyalists and as a result called on local residents to remain vigilant. Since that time it has become evident that the flags were indeed stolen with the sole intent of being placed on top of the Conway Street bonfire, along with Irish tricolours and other symbols of Irish Republicanism.


A stolen IRSP flag is placed on top of the Belfast City Council funded bonfire.

However this trespass and theft was only one of many sectarian incidents directly related to the council funded bonfire, including a sustained attack upon nearby Catholic homes by a Loyalist mob and the use of the bonfire itself to taunt attack and create tension amongst nearby Clonard residents living directly across from the Conway Street site.

Speaking on those incidents, Gerry Foster of Belfast IRSP stated… ‘In the week prior to the lighting of this bonfire, a host of sectarian incidents occurred in and around the vicinity of the Conway Street site. Residents living on the Clonard side of the ‘Peace wall’ were disturbed on several occasions, awoken by sectarian cat calling coming from those using ‘cherry pickers’ to stack pallets onto the bonfire, then on early Saturday morning (July 11th) a sustained attack was made upon Catholic homes in Conway Place within spitting distance of the bonfire site. The attack which lasted for at least twenty minutes saw homes and cars pelted with bricks and bottles and it is our belief that those responsible include the many Loyalist youths who gathered around the bonfire in the run up to the twelfth, indeed residents report seeing two men atop of the structure, guiding those throwing from the Shankill end of the Peace wall.

It is nothing short of bizarre, that at a time when working class people in Belfast are being told there is no money available for health, education and leisure; that funds can be found to facilitate an event which has the sole intention of creating fear, mistrust and sectarian tension. The irony of naming such a funding package the ‘Good relations initiative’ is not lost on us, this bonfire has only done damage to good relations in West Belfast, indeed it has introduced the novelty of sectarian tension to a section of our youth who otherwise would have no interest in such nonsense.

In the wake of the most recent provocation and attacks, residents of the streets affected have approached the IRSP who encouraged them to take formal legal action against the practice of council funding for Sectarian bonfires, it is our understanding that this process has now been initiated and our party fully supports these people in their efforts.

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SYRIZA Sells Out the Greek People

“If you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain. England would still rule you. She would rule you … Continue reading

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IRSP identify & reject PSNI infiltration of South Derry anti-drugs initiative!

irsp-psniRepublican Socialists in the South Derry – Bellaghy area wish to put on record their take on events surrounding the South Derry Drugs Awareness meeting which occurred in Bellaghy village on Thursday 25th June and in particular why IRSP members felt compelled to leave the event.

Republican Socialists in South Derry had been very keen to play their part in initiating and establishing a genuine grass roots and community based initiative aimed at tackling the real and problematic issue of drug usage which has been widely commented on within the media in recent times.

To this end the IRSP committed itself to playing its part both in publicising and attending the meeting which was to be held at the ‘Old School’ community centre on Thursday evening.

However on entering the meeting, several members still outside noticed a plain clothes member of the PSNI disembarking from a vehicle and making his way towards the entrance to the venue as if to go towards the meeting. On being challenged as to the reasons for his presence the PSNI member stated openly ‘this is a public meeting and I intend to go in’.

IRSP members then engaged with other organisers stressing their opinion that the presence of a PSNI officer would in fact be detrimental to the building of the grass roots peoples initiative that they came to help build. Not least because concerned family members of drug users would be reluctant to speak in his presence.

Unfortunately their opinion was not shared by attending Provisional Sinn Féin members who instead welcomed the attendance of the PSNI, portraying they’re presence as a form of ‘Multi-agency approach’.

As such, for the sake of maintaining the integrity of the original initiative as well upholding the IRSPs principled position of non engagement with the PSNI, members had no option other than to leave the venue and the meeting, about fourteen in all took the difficult decision to walk out.

Local IRSP spokesperson Declan McGlinchey, speaking on the matter stated…’we find it unfortunate (if not surprising) that the PSNI entered Bellaghy on Thursday, with the sole intention of using such an important community event to promote their own presence in the area. It is equally unfortunate that for political capital some local politicians assisted them in doing so.’

‘We are firmly confident that the PSNI if anything contribute to the Drugs problem in South Derry and elsewhere, recruiting dealers as informers to spy on local republicans, protecting them and giving them immunity to operate at will. The PSNI view drugs problems in our areas as no more than intelligence gathering opportunity; this is an established fact, and as such they simply have nothing to offer’.

The IRSP in South Derry remain committed to assisting in the building of a grass roots campaign capable of dealing with the issue of drugs and drug abuse. We hope to continue along this road in the future, with our friends and neighbours and without the malign and unhelpful influence of the PSNI.


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National Hunger Strike Commemoration – Derry Sunday 24 May 2015

11261700_617520648385509_1144937258949432595_nThe National Hunger Strike Commemoration in Derry on 24 May, assembles at at 1.30pm at the Rosemount Factory to make it’s way to the City Cemetery to commemorate the bravery and the ultimate sacrifice made by the Irish National Liberation Army and Provisional IRA Hunger Strikers in 1981.  All are welcome to attend the National Hunger Strike Commemoration to show their respect in this, the 34th anniversary, of the 1981 H-Block Hunger Strike, for those martyrs who laid down their lives for the right to be treated as the political prisoners they were.  Their sacrifice will never be forgotten – history has vindicated the ’10′ as the bravest of the brave!


All IRSP members are expected to attend.

All supporters, families, Republicans, Socialists, Trade Unionists and all progressives are welcome to attend the National Hunger Strike Commemoration this weekend.


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