Make Sinn Féin’s betrayal the catalyst for a real people’s alternative!

The clear and unambiguous capitulation from Sinn Féin in their predicted embracing of brutal Tory austerity measures deserves to be condemned in the strongest possible terms by Socialists, Republicans and all concerned with preserving basic dignity for working class people of the Six counties.


Thatcherite attacks on the poor and marginalised are nothing new for the working people of the North, yet in past years some comfort was taken from the fact that it was the enemies of Irish Freedom (not those who claim to endorse liberty) who led the charge to take the shoes from our children’s feet.

Sinn Fein’s characteristic spin on the so called ‘Fresh Start’ dripping as it is with subterfuge and notably lacking in specifics, will allow them to sell their actions to the gullible for a while.

But facts remain much as they were in February when that party announced that they could not accept a ‘Financial support’ figure of £565 Million over five years (a woefully insufficient amount) to cover for the poverty inducing damage which would befall all those families stripped of DLA, Carers Allowance and various Disability Premiums.

Today Sinn Féin have said yes to the above but with a mild adjustment of the calculation, a non change in real terms for families who will be plunged into despair. The package – which we are told will offset the damage – amounts to little more than is shelled out by the social fund in a given year, on crisis loans, budgeting loans and community care grants. Attempts to sell this figure as a credible means of off-setting the ravages of a wholesale Tory attack on the above named vital benefits, should be treated with the contempt they deserve.

The fact is, there is no way of predicting the immensity of the financial damage which will now be inflicted on the vulnerable. Savage and unfair assessment procedures introduced by the Tories in Britain will decide who falls victim to the process. This is predicted by state sources to be at around 25%, the IRSP predict that financial casualties will be much higher and the appearance of a panel based method of shelling out temporary compensation in return will be a woeful substitute for what had been a safety net for the vulnerable.

Lack of clarity in the ‘Fresh Start’ document about what exactly is meant by ‘Fraud and error’ can only lead the open minded to believe that the horrific measures of victimisation and petty sanctioning – which in England has heralded in the era of food banks and poverty induced suicide – will also befall working class people in the six counties in epic proportions as it has across the water. Hints in the document at a warding off of the sanctioning process remain to be clarified, and in the meantime observers can only prepare for the worst.

For any who doubt that SF are complicit in a full scale ideological attack on the marginalised poor, we need only look financially at how the oppressive forces of the state fare from this deal in comparison to marginalised citizens of the working class. It is quite clear where the priorities of the state lie in this so called ‘Fresh Start’, neither with victims nor the oppressed but with political policing and the armed wing of Tory rule in Ireland.

Let us be in no doubt that the door has been opened to a wave of cruel and vicious attacks on working class families, reflective of the deep ingrained hatred for the poor which exists in the heart of every Tory politician. Tragically they didn’t open that door themselves; they had it opened for them, in servant like fashion by the former revolutionaries of Sinn Féin, and for the sake of maintaining positions of power and relevance, along with the perks and privileges that come with the posts of career politicians.

SF may argue that in the circumstances they had no choice but to swallow the pill which the Tories were forcing down their throats. This being the case the IRSP in turn poses the question, what is the point in the Sinn Féin project?

The Sinn Féin project has not forwarded the concept or prospect of Irish Unity. It has not ended (merely repackaged) the oppressive features of the British State in Ireland. And now it has been seen to accommodate the worst ravages of Tory Social planning, leaving the business class the winners and the Working class the losers.

Better that Stormont had fallen forever, than the finger prints of Irish Republicanism be found near such a dirty deal.

We take this opportunity to call on the working class people of the Six Counties and indeed in all of Ireland to utilise frustration and anger felt at Austerity measures and to channel that anger into the building of a credible working class alternative, to capitalism, cronyism and to the ongoing negative impact of Imperialism in Ireland.

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Comrade Declan McGlinchey. An Obituary

It is with great sadness and no small degree of shock, that the IRSP confirm the sudden and tragic death of Comrade Declan McGlinchy. To his wife Brenda and their children, to his beloved brother Dominic and indeed to his entire wider family circle, we extend our sincere condolences.

Capture.PNGdecDeclan will be most fondly remembered – around South Derry and beyond – as a down to earth family man who lived for his wife and children, as a Loyal and committed friend, as a hard worker and a committed follower and member of Bellaghy Wolfe Tones GAC.

He was also a committed revolutionary, espousing every day of his life the ideals which he inherited from his mother and father; comrades Mary and Dominic McGlinchey.

Irish Republicanism ran through Declan’s veins, he was acutely aware and proud of South Derry’s tradition of armed resistance to British occupation, a tradition in which his family had played a significant part in maintaining. In recent years he worked hard to mark and remember the role which his parents played in the Irish National Liberation struggle, culminating in this year’s extremely successful ‘McGlinchey memorial weekend’, a now annual event attended by revolutionaries from across Ireland and beyond and an event which we hope will now continue in Declan’s name also.

Declan himself was also a committed participant in the struggle for Irish Freedom. His journey as an activist saw him taking a ‘hands on’ role within the Republican movement, a decision which at the tender age of 16 saw him occupy a Portlaoise prison cell, right next to that which had been home to his father as a POW. In later years his activism brought him no small degree of state harassment, arrest and indeed had brought him through the gates of Maghaberry Prison. Yet to Republicans across Ireland – both Volunteers and activists alike – he was known as a man that you would want by your side, in good times and bad, and he faced down the hazards of struggle like he hadn’t a care in the world.

In later years, Declan’s political journey saw him return to the ranks of the Irish Republican Socialist movement, the movement which had been the proud home of his beloved mother and father. Confiding in those closest to him, Declan described his decision to join the IRSM as being akin to ‘returning home’.

In recent times he had set about building his political home into a rejuvenated and capable Revolutionary force in the wider Bellaghy area, committing himself totally to structuring, networking and lobbying on behalf of the movement, increasing its ranks, raising its profile and re-establishing the IRSP as a credible and noteworthy force in South Derry and beyond.


Few if any Republicans will need to be reminded of how both Declan and Dominic were dealt the hardest of cards early in life. Few can imagine the cruel ordeals which they were both forced to deal with, not only in the dark days of 87’ and 94’ but indeed every day and on into the rest of their lives.

Yet Declan faced these ordeals, and in a fashion which displayed not only immense courage but also grace and indeed compassion, always eager to equally stress the hurt felt by all those – who in the course of conflict – had experienced similar tragedy. For all those who knew him, it will be this attribute, his unique ability to endure hardship and simply get on with life which will be his lasting legacy.

Declan McGlinchey was a credit to his parents and to the Irish Republican Socialist Party, and we take this opportunity to salute his memory.

Saoirse go Deo!

Requiem Mass for Declan will be celebrated in Church of St Mary’s, Wednesday at 11am followed by interment in the adjoining cemetery.







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Belfast IRSP and Kurdish Community Unite To Commemorate Kobane Day


Members of the IRSP in Belfast and the Kurdish Community supporting the YPJ/YPG joined together at Northumberland Street beside the IRSP sponsored mural to imprisoned PKK founder Abdullah Öcalan, prior to holding a white line picket at Divis Street. We received passing support from motorists and black taxi drivers

Belfast IRSP spokesperson, Alex McGuigan, speaking at the white line picket stated,

“The Kurdish people just like the Irish people have suffered disproportionately from imperialism and fascist religious fundamentalists.  We gathered together together today to commemorate the bravery and sacrifice that the YPJ/YPG and others displayed during the  Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant better known as ISIS/L or Daish Siege of the Canton and city of Kobani, also known as Kobane.  The IRSM, an internationalist revolutionary movement salutes the heroism of the Peoples’ Protection Units known as the YPJ/YPG, and the PKK, the Kurdish Workers Party.  We look further to forging even further links with our Kurdish comrades.”



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IRSP speech at North Belfast 1916 Rising Centenary and Left Republican debate.


IRSP Ard Comhairle member Mícheál Mac Lochlainn gives on the platform in north Belfast last night with independent Left Republican Fra Hughes, Republican Socialist Paul Little and ex-INLA Hunger from Armagh John Nixon talking about the 1916 Rising its relevance today and in the future, and the ever increasing relevance of the Republican Left in Ireland in the run up to the 100th Anniversary and the overall struggle to achieve the Socialist Republic.

The 1916 Rising its relevance today and in the future.

Like most people in this room the first experience I had with the 1916 Rising was a copy of the Proclamation looking down at me from the living room wall as I grew up. Looking back it was always present, throughout the good times and the bad, prominently placed, foresight from the past, willing to speak to anyone who will listen to its vision for the future.

For me the drafting of the 1916 Proclamation was as much a revolutionary act as the military uprising that followed it. The Proclamation recognised that not only do we have to right a historic wrong, to stand up to the bully next door, but to offer the Irish people an alternative worthy of all the sacrifice, a new dawn to enrich all the people on this island. The Proclamation represents that for me.

“The right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland and to the unfettered control of Irish destinies”, “equal rights and equal opportunities to all its citizens, and declares its resolve to pursue the happiness and prosperity of the whole nation and of all its parts, cherishing all of the children of the nation equally,” for me these excerpts from the Proclamation are the spirit and essence of the document it clearly states that in a truly just Republic everything has to change.

Those excerpts acknowledge that Ireland had to, and still has to be transformed. Land, Production, Distribution and Exchange cannot continue to rest in the hands of the few, for the Irish Republican Socialist Party it’s as equal a crime on the soul of the Irish nation for an individual to grow wealthy off the labour of others, as 800 years of imperialist occupation. They are one in the same.

Connollys warnings from 1897 that “If you remove the English army tomorrow and hoist the green flag over Dublin Castle, unless you set about the organization of the Socialist Republic your efforts would be in vain.” are nearly prophetic, his advice has been conveniently ignored.

Corruption, individualism and greed characterize modern Irish capitalist society, the occupation, our national sovereignty denied, defines our national identity. It will only be by contemporising the ideals of the 1916 Rising, making the message relevant for 2016, can we do the men and women who rose on Easter week any justice.

More and more people are seeking an alternative to what has gone before. The sectarian rogue state in the North and the Free State Plutocracy have been discredited in the eyes of the people, capitalism and neoliberalism are doing a fantastic job in undermining their own institutions.

It’s fair to say that a vast amount of people now see the capitalist model for society as something that will, 100% of the time, work in its own selfish class interests. The myth of “trickle down” economics has been exposed for exactly what it is, a pure myth.

The opportunity for a Left Republican alternative cannot be characterized by electoral pacts to keep the right wing agenda out of power. We must learn the lessons and remain principled. There can be no cordial working relationships or potential coalitions with the likes of the Democratic Unionist Party, Fianna Fail, Labour or Fianna Gael.

The Republican Lefts ambitions are indeed power, power to impose the dictatorship of the proletariat; we have a vision for this island of a sovereign, stable, sustainable and socialist Republic which puts all power in the hands of the people. But the journey to that Republic cannot be paved with concessions to the very establishments we exist to smash.

We must be clear and concise in what we are getting people to buy into, a Left Republican political programme for Ireland in which each citizen has collective ownership of the nation and is entitled to be equally enriched by all its fruits.

Since the creation of Connolly’s Irish Socialist Republican Party in 1896 no Left Republican organisation has ever definitively set out to articulate the mechanics of an Irish Socialist Republic. We have policies and our own respective, very similar, political programmes yet no document exists that we can say this is what we want to create, this is how an Irish workers Republic will function.

As we move towards the centenary of the Rising it’s high time that vision, once and for all, was properly and collectively articulated in a way that speaks to every Irish person.

If we want to really discuss the 1916 Risings relevance today and in the future we need to explore the tactics and strategies that will see our ambitions realised. We must be collectively brave enough to have an honest conversation with each other based on mutual respect. Each individual Left Republican needs to have a soul searching conversation with themselves on the way forward.

It’s a sad indictment on us all that we, as the rebels, the good guys, are letting ourselves and our vision become further marginalised in our communities. The battle for hearts and minds, the propaganda war, is being won hands down by our enemies.

The British and Free State intelligence agencies propaganda war to discredit our respective organisations political programmes and the principled struggle for the republic is solely aimed at turning potential supporters away from our message and it’s sadly working.

They are feeding a constant flow of misinformation to the establishment media who are more than happy to print it, word for word, lie for lie. We are being felon set, all of us in this room; in quite the similar fashion the leaders and volunteers of the 1916 Rising who were called criminals, madmen and drunkards.

We must also accept our own responsibility for our tactical and strategic failings. Wider Republicanism, in general, must ask themselves the same questions the Irish Republican Socialist Party has asked itself its membership and supporters.

Do we continue armed actions in this political climate? Will the current phase of armed actions bring about the creation of a socialist republic? The Irish Republican Socialist Party’s analysis is that to both questions the answer is no, armed actions will not bring about our republic, our republic will come from the streets, it will come openly and with transparency, or not at all.

No one expects the capitalist establishment to go without a fight, they have far too many vested interests in the continuity of their corrupt system, but they can’t fight everyone, they can’t destroy a mass movement or an idea, this is what we must endeavour to create, something which is so powerful they cannot destroy . That is why our entire political programme, tactical and strategic vision must be laid bare at the feet of the Irish working class for them to endorse.

Armed Republican actions in this political climate actually shore up partition. According to the Irish Congress of Trade Unions the Stormont power sharing executive has presided over £3.6 Billion worth of cuts to public services in the North since 2010. Why are people not marching to that bastion of partition, Stormont, and demanding its collapse? It’s because the British have been able to portray the Good Friday Agreement and its Power Sharing Executive, which is a glorified super council with no real power, as the only viable option for the people in the North and us, collectively, the principled Republican Left, as relics of the past.

They wrongly state that a return to violence as the only alternative to their pantomime, which lets them get away with everything. The normalisation of the occupied counties has only continued against the backdrop of the current armed campaigns. MI5s grip has tightened and we have collectively lost the support of a vast section of the republican base.
The Irish Republican Socialist Party are not sitting here tonight saying we have all the answers, we don’t have the Golden Cow, no republican group has, let’s use the centenary of the 1916 Rising as a platform for our Republican politics of the people to finally address our unfinished business.

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Belfast IRSP, take to the streets against Political Policing

In the wake of the latest wave of repressive Anti-Republican tactics and actions launched by the RUC/PSNI, including the arrest and detention of party members, the searching of homes and sinister approaches to young Republican Socialist activists on the ground, the Irish Republican Socialist Party tonight (Thursday) launched a successful leaflet drop in the Divis area of West Belfast, the same area which the PSNI cynically ear marked as a launching pad for its own Public Relations exercises in the recent past.


Over forty activists took to the streets of Divis to deliver in leaflet form our short and precise position on political policing and the PSNI. The opportunity was also taken to raise awareness of the looming benefits cuts which are set to be made by the Tory party and their domestic servants in Stormont.

In our leaflet the IRSP stated

The PSNI can never be accepted as a legitimate police service because they exist to protect partition and to serve the ruling elite……we must never forget that this is what that Uniform stands for’


Residents were also reminded of how the bulk of Anti-Social behaviour inflicted in the Divis area is carried out by criminals working with immunity from and in the command of the RUC/PSNI.

Tonight’s activity follows the painting of a party mural set in opposition to Political Policing which was placed on the International Wall, and heralds the increasing growth of our party structures in Belfast and the Divis area in particular.


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New IRSM County Antrim Plot Transformed by Daly/McNamee Cumann


The newly contructed County Antrim IRSM plot at Milltown Cemetery

Stalwart members of the Daly/McNamee Cumann have done a sterling job in transforming the new County Antrim Irish Republican Socialist Movement plot at Milltown Cemetery.  The vast improvement is a credit to the Daly/MacNamee Cumann’s members, especially as it approaches the 10 October, the 16th anniversary of the cruel murder of INLA Volunteer, Paddy ‘Bo’ Campbell, interred there after forfeiting his very young life protecting the movement from armed organised gangsters intent, but ultimately failing, in crushing the IRSM in Dublin in 1999.

Speaking as work concluded at the newly refurbished County Antrim IRSM memorial, Daly/McNamee Cumann spokesperson, Joe Heaney, told The IRSP News,

“This transformation is due to the dedication and skill of Daly/McNamee Cumann members who gave their free time willingly to give the Volunteers and Comrades interred at the new memorial the fitting tribute they deserved.  It is especially timely with the forthcoming 16th anniversary of young Paddy ‘Bo’ Campbell’s brutal murder, on October 10th, at the hands of the dregs of society who were poisoning  young working class kids with Heroin and other narcotics.  It goes without saying that all those interred here gave their lives for the establishment of a United Socialist Ireland and now they have the memorial they deserved.”

Certainly sentiments The Irish Republican Socialist News and no doubt all members agree with.

Well done to those members who constructed the memorial!




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2015 Seamus Costello, full oration.

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IRSP reiterates call for full British, EU and US Military, Economic and Political withdrawal from Ireland at Moscow conference.


The delegations from Hawaii, Costa Rica, African North America, Ireland, Catalonia, Basilicata, Donbass, Libyan Arab Republic and Western Sahara

The delegations from Hawaii, Costa Rica, African North America, Ireland, Catalonia, Basilicata, Donbass, Libyan Arab Republic and Western Sahara

At a conference in Moscow titled “A dialogue of nations: Peoples’ right to self-determination and the building of a multi-polar world”, hosted by the Anti-Globalisation Movement of Russia, the IRSP reiterated its calls for total people’s sovereignty, over all aspects, of our collective Irish national interests.

The conference in Moscow brought together different separatist movements from imperialist occupied territories from around the globe. Anti-Globalisation, anti-neoliberalist and pro- rights of peoples representatives from Hawaii, Costa Rica, African North America, Ireland, Catalonia, Basilicata, Donbass, Libyan Arab Republic and Western Sahara were given a platform and access to over 80 different Russian national and international media outlets. All were interested to hear our analysis of geo-political events and our own respective national political programmes.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party used the occasion to reiterate our position on ending the economic, military and political occupation of the entire island of Ireland.

The IRSP stated “ Although the visual physical manifestations of the occupation of our island have been reduced, the British military installations are gone from the borders,replaced with high tech surveillance equipment, the British army (for the most part) has been returned to barracks the entire island of Ireland is more occupied than it ever was. In the occupied North East the failed Belfast Agreement has copper-fastened the British occupation and promotes a sectarian pantomime settlement that drives a neo-liberalist economic war against the British occupied Irish people.

The IRSP continues “ Southern Ireland ( 26 County Free State ) has become a Brussels controlled Plutocracy which also wages a neoliberalist class war against its own people. The race to the bottom to privatise the entire Free State society, redistribute and entire nations wealth, to a small elite cabal is being fought and won by the capitalist establishment.”

The IRSP said “We again, to this international audience of progressives, reiterate our call for full British military, economic and political withdrawal from the occupied north eastern counties. We call for the total withdrawal of US military installations, economic and cultural interests from the entire island. We reiterate our stance that the European Union, European Central Bank and International Monetary Fund must withdraw all political and economic interests in every part of the island of Ireland. The IRSP stand for a sovereign Irish people and a sovereign Irish nation with the means of production, distribution and exchange firmly in control of the entire people of Ireland for the collective enrichment of all the people of Ireland.”

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Irish Republican Socialist Party and African Peoples Socialist Party call on Irish America to support Black Liberation.


At an Anti-Globalisation Movement of Russia press conference, in Moscow, the Irish Republican Socialist Party and the African Peoples Socialist Party made a joint appeal for the Irish Diaspora in North America to support Black Liberation.

Comrade Micheál MacLochlainn of the IRSP continues “In 1982 Chairman Omali Yeshitela, of the African Peoples Socialist Party, travelled to Belfast to release a joint appeal, with the IRSP, to Irish America, calling for unqualified support for Black Liberation. During this press conference in 1982 the IRSP stated that our organisation will not accept any financial donations from any Irish American organisations that do not openly give support to Black Liberation and National Liberation and Socialism in Ireland, and Africa. “

Comrade MacLochlainn continues “Irish and Africans are united in our shared experience of oppression by White Power. Both our peoples have been traded by the capitalist establishment as commodities, not like contemporary wage slaves, or debt slaves, but an entirely different type of slavery. Our shared experiences with oppression have led to physical, cultural and economic slavery we were not chained to the capitalist system, historically our men women and children were physically chained and sold for profit by it.”

Comrade MacLochlainn finishes “We are proud to announce the old ties and relationships between the African struggle and the Irish struggle against oppression have been reunited by the link’s re-forged by the IRSP and APSP. We call for a total withdrawal of all heavily armed American State Paramilitary police forces from African communities in North America and an immediate end to all political policing of African communities in North American. We support the calls for immediate reparations by the current British and American establishments to the oppressed Irish and African peoples. Though we also accept that even if we built Gallows and hanged the entire British Monarchy and Capitalist British and American 1% it still would not be compensation enough for the crimes committed, and currently being carried out, against our peoples. Smash White Power!”

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YPG ‘Fighting for all humanity’! Belfast meeting urged to support the Kurdish resistance.

The fight between the savagery of the self-styled ‘Islamic state’ and the Kurdish YPG defence militias represents a fight for survival between two fundamentally opposing views of civilisation, and those with even the most basic grasp of progressive ideas must decide today which side they are on and act.


So was told a gathering in Belfast’s Conway mill on Saturday 12th September 2015. The public meeting ‘Eyewitness from Syria ‘featured contributions from the mother of a fallen English YPG fighter who was killed in action in March this year and a 62 year old who himself had volunteered for action with the Kurdish Resistance.

Vicci Scurfield, mother of Konstandinos Erik Scurfield – the first English fighter to die fighting in defence of the Kurdish people – travelled to Belfast along with 62 year old former archaeologist Alan Brooke who himself volunteered for action with the YPG. Although being turned down for active service due to his age, Alan was taken on a tour of the Qandil mountain region considered a liberated zone of the Kurdish resistance. There he was introduced to the PKK leadership and shown around the guerrilla camps before being urged by the resistance fighters to return home and build support for their cause.


Both speakers gave acute in-depth and moving reasons for why international fighters are travelling to defend the Kurdish people from the brutal onslaught of ISIS and why it is vital that others with progressive mindsets here do all in their power to give practical support to the YPG.

Vicci Scurfield described her son in the most ordinary of terms stressing the humanity of the young man who spent his short life immersing himself in a myriad of lifestyle activities; an aspiring actor and literature enthusiast who spent his 21st birthday hiking across the Alps in order to complete National Service in Greece (her native country) before taking up boxing and becoming a Royal Marine Commando in England.


She described how ‘Kosta’ (as he was affectionately known) became increasingly sympathetic to radical ideas on reading reports of the gallant resistance put up by Kurdish resistance at Kobane, which she described as ‘turning the tide against ISIS’. Determined to ‘even up the odds against the savagery of the so called ‘Islamic State’, Kosta walked out on the Marines by stating to them plainly ‘let me go or I will desert’.

In December 2013 he made his mother aware that he intended to go fight for the YPG at which point she tried to prevent him from doing so, but to no avail. She described how after only 10 days he took part in the rescue of over 5000 encircled Yazidis on the Sinjar Mountain in north western Iraq, helping them escape an encirclement that promised certain death.


Describing Islamic State as no less than a Cult of death, a criminal empire engaged in wholesale slaughter, rape and oppression, Vikki described in vivid detail how its followers profited from industrial scale child sexual exploitation, slavery and theft.

Chillingly she spelt out the rights of non followers under the rule of Islamic State…. ‘If they want your house? Your dead, if they want your jewellery? Your dead, if they want your six year old daughter? Your dead’.

Worryingly, Vikki described how at least 30 foreign ISIS fighters came from Ireland and how in logistical terms Islamic State were in no way defeated and how Airstrikes by both the Turkish and Nato governments were aimed more so at tempering the growing power of the progressive liberated Kurdish areas than at I.S itself. She finished by stating her own belief that the only truly progressive force in the region was the Kurdish resistance and appealed on those present to do all in their power to provide practical support to the resistance fighters of the YPG.


Alan Brooke described with the aid of a slideshow, the logistical and political terrain within which the Kurdish resistance operate as well as explaining in great depth, the theoretical backbone of the Kurdish movement ‘democratic con-federalism’ applied in a Kurdish its unprecedented commitment to equality, democracy and women’s rights.

Alan described the conflict situation as representing a clash of views on the purpose of civilisation itself, stressing how ‘Islamic State’ followed a world-view in which a savage state ensured that women and minorities would be oppressed and where barbarity and intolerance were the order of the day, whereas on the other hand the Kurdish resistance were attempting to create communities based on compassion, tolerance and Socialism.

Echoing his comrade Vicci who finished by stating …’the best of Humanity have gone to join the YPG, while the worst have joined ISIS’ Alan finished by urging those in attendance to form active support groups on the ground which could provide practical assistance to the YPG.

The Belfast Kurdish community where in fine attendance on the day, and as a result valuable links were forged between Local Republican Socialists and our International comrades.


The Republican Socialist movement would like to thank all those who attended to make the day such a memorable success and take this opportunity to echo the calls of our visitors who rightly stressed the importance of giving active support for the Kurdish resistance, in defence of Socialism and in opposition to barbarism.

Video footage (Parts 1 & 2) available below.





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