Direct Action Against Israeli Goods in Strabane

The Irish Republican Socialist Party took direct action today in calling for a national Boycott of Israeli Goods. Members of Strabane IRSP took products whose manufacturers have a track record of supporting Israel off the shelves of Strabane Asda.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP continues “The Zionist regime must be sent a message that we will physically oppose its genocide in Palestine. Our actions today in Strabane are only a small token gesture in the wider campaign. If we can get activists from all over Ireland to physically remove Israeli produced and Israeli backed products from the shelves plus keep up the street actions then we believe a message that cannot be ignored can be sent”.

Mr McLaughlin continues “Our full support needs to be sent in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. Today all over Ireland thousands upon thousands came onto the streets of Derry, Belfast and Dublin in calling for an end to the current phase of military attacks on Gaza. We in the IRSP believe that this simple demand of a cessation is short sighted and not sufficient to see a lasting peace in Palestine”.

Mr McLaughlin finishes “Only a people’s democratic Palestine, where Arabs and Jews would live without discrimination, a state without classes and national oppression, a state which allows Arabs and Jews to develop their national culture will suffice”.

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IRSP Oppose Orange Order Parade in Strabane.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party has likened the application by the Orange Order to coat trail 300 orange men, supporters and bands through the entirely nationalist Strabane town centre to “the Klu Klux Klan marching through Harlem”.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP continues “We cannot understand why the Orange Order wants to go out of their way to create a new contentious parade in Strabane. A parade of hundreds of Orange Order members, pipe bands, flute bands and supporters marching around Strabanes Main Street and around the town on the 12th of July is blatantly a sectarian coat trailing exercise. Irreversible damage could be done to community relations in the town”.

Mr McLaughlin continues “The days when Strabane was held to ransom by the Orange State and Orange Order are long gone and these people need to get that into their heads. If the Orange Order think for one second republicans, socialists and progressives would accept this show of sectarian triumphalism they are badly mistaken. Would the Orange Orders ideological bedfellows in the Klu Klux Klan be allowed to march around Harlem, no they wouldn’t and that’s how absurd this whole thing is”.

Mr McLaughlin finishes “We have held informal preliminary talks with the local branches of Republican Network for Unity and the 1916 Societies around collectively physically blocking the contentious Orange Order parade. If the Parades Commission determination allows this march to continue unregulated we will stop it. Republicans in Strabane have allowed the Orange Order to continue to have parades along the predominately nationalist Patrick Street for over a decade. If the Orange Order continue to try and raise sectarian tensions this agreement may have to be revised”.

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INLA Volunteers Mural Unveiling – Belfast Sunday 29th June

On Sunday 29th June there will be an unveiling at 3pm at the International Wall, Divis Street of a mural created by a local artist dedicated to four fallen Belfast volunteers of the Irish National Liberation Army:

.  Families of the fallen volunteers, all available members of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, friends and supporters are asked to assemble at the St Peters area at 2pm to make their way to the mural unveiling.

I measc laochra na nGael go raibh i nainmeacha.

For further details contact:

IRSP National Headquarters,
Costello House,
392b Falls Road,
Tel:  028 90321024



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Belfast IRSP Condemns Racist Attacks

The Irish Republican Socialist Party strongly condemns the recent racist attack on a West Belfast man as he walked to his place of work.  Shamefully, this outrageous attack was motivated simply by the colour of this man’s skin and carried out by thugs who represent no-one except anti-community lumpen elements.
The IRSP since it’s inception 40 years ago have always been proactively opposed to racism and it’s sinister cheerleaders who constantly seek to divide working class people by xenophobic scapegoating.  It is a tragedy that racist attacks have occurred in West Belfast, an area that still suffers from the impact of imperialism.  As a Republican Socialist party we view both racist attacks and indeed sectarian or homophobic attacks as fruit of the same poison tree.
The vast majority in West Belfast and Ireland itself are always working class people, irrespective of their colour, gender, sexual preference or religion, we are all one class of people.  The IRSP, along with the vast majority of working class people in West Belfast and beyond, offer our support to victims of racist attacks and will oppose racism wherever it appears.
Alex McGuigan
Belfast IRSP
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British Intelligence Agencies, omnipresent gods of surveillance.



British Intelligence Agencies, omnipresent gods of surveillance.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party urges everyone to continue to remain aware of the activities of British Intelligence agencies operating in Ireland after a party member was approached to become a spy.

Michael McLaughlin of IRSP continues “There exists no form of communication or no single person that British Intelligence Agencies will not collect, monitor and store data on. From your social media, phone calls, text messages, emails to international espionage British Intelligence Agencies are one click away from accessing a portal into every aspect of anyone’s life anywhere and at anytime. That’s the dangerous reality of the world we live in.”

“This vast wealth of personal information will be used in any way British Intelligence sees fit. Personal profiles are created possible targets are identified and the establishments self serving agenda pushed at all times.”

“Irish republicans are no strangers to this surveillance and do not need reminded how this intelligence gathering will be used against us. Indentified targets are approached threatened with prison, harassment, death anything to trap them into betraying their family, friends and community.”

Mr McLaughlin explains the incident “One such incident took place at Belfast City Airport last week. An IRSP member was approached while getting of a flight from Glasgow by two plain clothed PSNI officers and hurried into a side room in the Airport. He was lead into a room where he was told his ID had to be checked and bags searched. On entering the room he was told that two people would like to speak to him. When the PSNI left the room two individuals entered and said “we believe you are in a unique position to help us”. After being challenged to identify themselves the two individuals replied they were “representatives of GCHQ” which stands for Government Communications Headquarters a senior British Intelligence Agency.  On hearing this the IRSP member immediately asked if he was under arrest and when he was told no he immediately left the room.”

Mr McLaughlin finishes “The IRSP member acted in the correct manner. He did not engage in conversation and left the situation immediately as your every word and action is analysed for signs of weakness.  He immediately contacted friends and the IRSP to inform them of the incident. This is how British Intelligence must be dealt with.”

“British intelligence in Ireland never sleeps and works hand in hand with the PSNI at every level. You are not obligated by any law to pass on information or to spy for them they cannot arrest or detain you. They may offer you a financial incentive to spy on your friends, family or community but history has shown once you fulfil their needs you are expendable.”

The IRSP urge all republicans, community workers, trade unionists, individuals to remain vigilant. If approached be transparent tell someone and everyone you are being targeted as it may continue if not exposed.

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IRSCNA condemn the Ukrainian Fascist junta.




IRSCNA condemn the fascist junta

The IRSCNA condemn the repressive actions of the illegitimate fascist junta in Kiev and call for workers’ parties and organizations around the world to support Ukrainian working class resistance.

The heroic people of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Luhansk are pushing ahead with referenda on independence in the next few days, despite the conditions of civil war there. They deserve the most decisive outpouring of international support.

The Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America especially condemn the despicable massacre of defenseless workers at the Odessa Trade Unions’ House and on the streets of Mariupol and call upon all progressives and socialists to do the same. The IRSCNA extend solidarity and condolences to the working class trade union brothers and sisters during this terrible time.

Within the Ukraine and surrounding nations, there has been an outpouring of grief and an increased desire to resist fascist aggression. The unprovoked slaughter of organized workers in Odessa and Mariupol has yet again demonstrated the vile, reactionary nature of the Kiev junta to the world. The world must intervene to protect the plight of ethnic Russians and other minorities, as well as the workers, progressives and communists in the Ukraine who are being preyed upon by the fascist junta in Kiev.

If the global community doesn’t force the fascists to cease all attacks, it is likely Russia will be drawn into conflict with the Kiev junta. From there, a catastrophic war between Russia and the imperialist nations could easily follow.

Irish Republicans in particular should speak up for the rights of the ethnic Russians and the Crimean people. Republicans must look at the implications of the imperialist position on Crimea: the imperialists are attempting to establish the principle that people in undemocratically partitioned regions do not have the right to reunify their country, even if they faithfully follow the procedures of democratic referenda.

The separation of Crimea from Russia was a bureaucratic decision made over the heads of the inhabitants. They have every right to escape an undemocratic junta installed by a coup with fascist elements at its core, a regime determined to push through ruinous austerity measures that will destroy the lives of the working class population.

Victory to the working class resistance to the fascist junta!

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2014 International Workers Day Statement. IRSP.


On International Workers Day the Irish Republican Socialist Party sends its fraternal greetings and solidarity to all our revolutionary comrades both nationally and internationally who are currently engaged in struggle for national liberation and socialism in Ireland and across the world.

We send our solidarity and support to those struggling against oppression and occupation in Palestine and commend the continuing efforts towards the national reconciliation of the Palestinian people. In Venezuela we condemn the US imperialist puppets currently trying to destroy the social gains brought by the Bolivarian revolution. We support a Venezuelan working class mobilisation against this US led counter revolution.

We send solidarity to all other peoples currently under imperialist occupation, our Basque and Catalan comrades deserve a special mention, and to all those workers who suffer and endure under the exploitation of global capitalism.  As internationalists and anti imperialists your struggle is our struggle. Acknowledging and taking strength from the struggles of our brothers and sisters internationally we must also take time to reflect on our own efforts for national liberation and on building the Irish socialist republic.

This year marks 40 years since the formation of the Irish Republican Socialist Party.  Since 1974 we have witnessed some of the darkest days of conflict. We endured a bloody baptism of fire at the hands of the counter revolutionaries in the Official Republican Movement. We endured the assassinations of our political leadership on several occasions over the last 40 years.

We witnessed volunteers from our national liberation army die on hunger strike in Long Kesh concentration camp, refusing to be criminalised by a foreign occupying imperialist power. We lost many national liberation army volunteers in armed actions against the establishment and in British state sponsored “shoot to kill” assassinations.

We proudly remember all those national liberation army volunteers and political activists from the republican socialist party who died fighting imperialism in Ireland. Their sacrifice was not just for the workers of Ireland but for all workers of the world as our Marxist identity makes our struggle part of the international class war.

Remembering our darkest hours and analysing our failures as a revolutionary movement is important. It allows us to critique failed strategies and tactics to explore new arenas of struggle and to build new lines of communication between other individuals and organisations of the wider revolutionary workers movement in Ireland.

The continued existence of the IRSP as a revolutionary party, with a republican and socialist political agenda unchanged for four decades, is an achievement in itself. The IRSP continue to uphold the analysis that the national struggle against British and European imperialist occupation and the class struggle against capitalism in Ireland are one in the same.  They cannot be separated as both the physical and financial occupation of this island serves the same masters.

Every republican activist with a class analysis of the struggle in Ireland must use days like May Day to rededicate yourselves to workers struggles. Our revolutionary political agenda of workers empowerment and collective control must be articulated in every arena. From within your community groups, trade unions, residents associations to the picket lines and eventual barricades revolutionary republican socialist ideas must be made relevant to our class. This is no easy task comrades but it’s a task we all must undertake none the less.

In the spirit of May Day we also send our solidarity to the LGBT community in Ireland we stand shoulder to shoulder with you in your struggle for equal marriage rights. At the 1975 IRSP convention we became the first political party in Ireland to support equal rights and equal opportunities for our brothers and sisters in the LGBT community. This is a position we still hold to this day.

The tactics of the Republican Socialist Movement may have adapted to changes in the political landscape of this island but our message of national liberation and socialism remains. Our revolutionary ideology has always been and will continue to be the main weapon we use to confront the oppressors of the Irish working class.

We are calling on all republicans and socialists across the island to take this opportunity to get involved in your local international workers day events over the coming days. Mayday belongs to those who have fought for it, its time the republican left claimed it back from the forces of reform.

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Belfast International Workers’ Day Parade – Saturday 3rd May 2014

The annual Belfast International Workers Day aka May Day parade takes place this Saturday 3rd May 2014.

All members are asked to assemble at 11.30am on Saturday @lower Donegal Street.

This is also our 40th anniversary year since our establishment following the inaugural convention at the Spa Hotel, Lucan in 1974!

“We must make no secret of the fact that we’re a revolutionary socialist party!”
(Seamus Costello)


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Statement from the Irish National Liberation Army volunteers E4 Landing Portlaoise Gaol.


As we commemorate the 98th anniversary of our Easter Rising, we take this opportunity to send greetings to all our comrades, supporters and friends at home and abroad.

We also wish to thank our families and loved ones, who have borne the brunt of the hardship during our incarcerations, for their unwavering support.

The Ireland of today presents many complex challenges for Irish working class people. Both North and South. The political policies embraced in the theory of neo-liberalism have proven to be an unmitigated disaster.

In pursuing these social and economic policies, recent successive Governments, in tandem with the forces of Capital, have launched a series of unprecedented attacks on living standards, welfare and dignity of our people.Our role as Citizens has reduced to that of consumers.

Meanwhile and to a large extent, the interests of working class people have also been abandoned by the bureaucratic and careerist leaderships of various Trade Unions. Clinging to an outmoded and anti worker concept of social partnership, they have succeeded only in overseeing a massive decline in Union membership and confidence.

British, E.U. and American political and economic Imperialism, aided and abetted by their Irish allies of the ruling elite, has succeeded in further tightening its grip of the majority of this Island. Since the inception of our Movement we have steadfastly advocated and promoted policies that both defend and aim to enhance the life standards of people.

We have unequivocally advanced that only Socialism will best serve the long term interests of Irish people. In terms of the ‘National Question’, we maintain that only a United Socialist Ireland is the minimum achievement worthy of the struggle and sacrifice of our women and men.

Recently we have witnessed those, who once said that Socialism was not on the agenda being rewarded with gilded seats in the carriages of the ‘GRAVY TRAIN’. The ‘Broad Front’ as advocated by Seamus Costello and his comrades is as relevant today as it was 40 years ago. Our Movement has always been open to principled participation with all progressive organisations, groups and individuals.

In closing, we congratulate all our comrades for their ongoing structured work and look forward to the future with optimism and confidence. Beir bua

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IRSP Easter Oration 2014

Comradaí agus a chairde (Comrades and friends)

Today we gather to remember and salute our fallen volunteers of the Republican Socialist Movement, who made the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of a 32 County Workers Republic.

We remember with pride our volunteers in the Irish National Liberation Army, the political activists of the Irish Republican Socialist Party and all those who lost their lives in the struggle for national liberation and socialism who lie buried in this plot and in similar plots across Ireland.

Without the courage and bravery of those who went before us, the integrity of our political struggle would have long ago been compromised by pretenders to our political philosophy. Republican Socialism was always a separate political identity from the wider republican struggle, and our movement has always espoused a distinct political outlook.

This is what attracted activists of the calibre of Seamus Costello, Miriam Daly, Patsy O’Hara, Kevin Lynch, Mickey Devine, Dominic and Mary McGlinchey, Ta Power, Gino Gallagher and many more hundreds of men and women from across Ireland into the ranks of the Republican Socialist Movement. When they had a choice they chose the Republican Socialist Movement over all other reformist factions.

The men and women who founded our movement were the brightest and bravest of their generation. They had the potential to affect revolutionary change in Ireland but attacks on our movement from state and non-state forces stifled that potential from the very beginning.

Our task as we stand here to remember our fallen comrades is to rededicate ourselves to the political ideals for which they gave their lives: to again build a movement that can and will fulfil that potential to effect revolutionary social change.

Whilst we remember the men and women from the latest phase of the conflict, those who we knew personally as family, friends and as comrades, we remain mindful that Easter is the time of year when we commemorate those who fought during Easter week, 1916, in order to overthrow the British administration in Ireland.

It is a time when we analyse the current state of the Irish republican struggle and its ability to confront the forces of British and international imperialism. We also use this solemn occasion to review how we continue to prosecute revolutionary struggle in Ireland.

The men and women of Easter week emerged from the collapse of the reformist movement towards home rule and the radicalised working class movement that battled the bosses during the Dublin Lockout. This sowed the seeds of the working class resurrection within the nationalist movement.

From that fateful week Irish republicans have since strove to drive the British from our shores but we have yet to realise the aims of the 1916 proclamation. That is the unfulfilled potential which I mentioned earlier, the revolution that has yet to happen in Ireland.

The hundredth anniversary of the Easter Rising is fast approaching and now there is talk of members of the British aristocracy participating alongside the Free Staters during state choreographed commemorations in the Free State.

Likewise, during the recent events in England, the so-called leaders of Labour and of Irish Republicanism raised a glass to salute the reigning British monarch. This is the antithesis of Republicanism. No Republican would ever countenance saluting any monarch.

What makes this situation even more perverse is that Sinn Fein are attempting to persuade the people that this is a step on the road to the Republic. Nothing could be further from the truth. This is simply an attempt to normalize the current situation in occupied Ireland which is in reality far from normal.

Republicans need to return to revolutionary struggle which will not be fought within Windsor Castle or the White House. Mimicking British bankers and the aristocracy by dressing in their clothes and taking part in their antiquated customs will not bring us one inch closer to the Republic for which so many of our friends and comrades gave their lives.

We in the Republican Socialist Movement will not be taken in by this charade. The toasting of the British Queen by Martin McGuinness was not done in our name. To paraphrase the great French revolutionary and Republican, Robspierre: ‘The elite must perish so that the people may live’. It is necessary that as we remember our brave comrades that we learn from history and attempt to move towards a revolutionary situation.

We need to learn from mistakes of the past and build on solid political foundations that will provide a strong basis for political change. We have been doing just that. Over the past three years the Irish Republican Socialist Party has undergone great change and development. This is part of the continuing struggle for socialism in Ireland.

Without the primacy of politics for which many of our comrades died, the struggle would have little to no chance of succeeding. The primacy of politics as envisaged by our fallen comrade Ta Power is what will bring the entire Republican Socialist Movement into the future; to see socialism in the 21st century.

The cultural, economic and political forces of the right are fighting the Class War with every weapon they have at their disposal. Internationally, Imperialist powers are carving up the world’s resources and manipulating borders in a manner not seen since the late 19th century. People’s lives, their hopes and their very survival is being threatened by global capitalism.

The living conditions of the European working class are being driven down by so called austerity measures. The rich and the powerful are manipulating the crisis in the capitalist financial system into a crisis in public spending by bailing out financial gangsters and gombeen men like Sean Fitzpatrick and faceless bondholders.

In return we see the criminalisation of the poor and of the working class, forcing us to work for little or nothing more than the dole. Ireland remains as occupied as ever. Despite the spectacle of reconciliation, regeneration and rebranding exercises, British imperialism still physically occupies the six counties.

The Westminster government and the Stormont pantomime is intent on implementing an economic agenda that is creating a surge in unemployment, underemployment, deprivation and poverty.

In the 26 county area, the situation is no different. The IMF, ECB and EU troika controls the Irish puppet state dictating budgets and encouraging the privatisation of all the means of production, distribution, exchange and our natural resources.

The forces drawn up by capital against the Irish working class are immense comrades. They are using their vast wealth and influence to crush any and all opposition to their plans of domination. But Republican Socialists have never been known to shy away from a fight.

Our strength comes from the empowerment of our class by our revolutionary Republican Socialist ideology. Ideas are our greatest weapon and without revolutionary theory there can be no revolutionary movement.

Being of the working class means making Republican Socialism relevant in your community and I say here today comrades if you are not playing a positive role within your community you are not a Republican Socialist.

IRSP members and indeed other members of the wider left republican family in Ireland need to become leaders within the working class movements. We need to espouse our revolutionary politics of working class empowerment in our trade unions, our community groups and our residents associations and any other arenas of struggle which may open up.It is only by becoming of the people that we can advance their interests.

We stand here today commemorating all those Irish revolutionaries who paid the ultimate price for their love of freedom. From the brave men and women of 1798 to those of the Irish National Liberation Army, they are all equal in sacrifice. It is fitting that this occasion takes place on the anniversary of one of the greatest broad front actions in Irish history.

The 1916 Easter Rising was an event where the Irish Volunteer Movement along with the Irish Republican Brotherhood, the Citizen Army and Cumann na hBann came together in a broad front to fight against British imperialism. It united working class militants alongside progressive nationalists, radical feminists with the revolutionary republican tradition.

In 1974, Seamus Costello sought a similar unification of anti-imperialist forces through the broad front. In 2014 he IRSP still maintain this aim. What needs to be done comrades, on this the 40th anniversary of our movements foundation, is the reassertion of Costello’s anti imperialist broad front. The contemporary broad front should comprise the widest layers of progressive political and revolutionary social forces. This is what must be done after we leave here today.

We have a programme of oppositional politics and progressive alternatives. It is our intention to fight the hypocrisy of those implementing welfare reforms and exploitative ‘labour activation schemes’ by exposing the bosses behind it all while addressing the housing crisis and lack of services and opportunities for the youth which is leading to societal self harm and criminalisation of an entire section of the community.

The biggest lie in this whole austerity drive is shown when this militarised police force can demand more and more millions of taxpayers’ money all the while we are told that care for the sick and elderly must be privatised to cut costs.

Next month we will mark the loss of James Connolly a founding father of Republican Socialism who was the last of those who rose during Easter Week to be executed on the 12th of May 1916 whose words I will now finish on:

Revolution is never practical – until the hour of the revolution strikes. Then it alone is practical, and all the efforts of the conservatives and compromisers become the most futile and visionary of human imaginings.