‘Steps to slavery’ program opposed in Derry City.

Derry IRSP along with comrades from 32csm, RNU and others today protested outside the offices of ‘ingeus’ today, while others entered the offices in opposition to the continued program of unpaid Labour which they are promoting in the City and beyond.

Below is the content of a leaflet handed out to passers by and to workers inside the offices of Ingeus today.


“Steps To Success” program. Quoted by local activists as “An ugly scam for the rich, more misery for the unemployed”

The so called “steps to success” program seeks to force unemployed people into a sham scheme which has proven itself unable to secure even basic employment for the vast majority if those who participate.

Under the threat of benefits sanctions and resulting homelessness, job seekers here are forced to enter a scheme of pointless and mundane “skills building” sessions and are forced to apply for jobs many of which are hopelessly unattainable or simply do not exist.

Worse still under the banner of “steps to success” unemployed people have been forced to take up unpaid posts as “jobs candidates” working for nothing, for low-life profiteering firms such as Poundland and Asda, firms which in the past rightfully stood condemned of using prison labour to stock their shelves.

Equivalent schemes in England have seen an appalling pattern emerge in which businesses have utilized the “workforce” scheme in order to pay off staff and instead replace them with Job Seekers who are expected to work for nothing, under fear of losing already meager benefits and potentially the roof over their heads, this is the ultimate aim of those who designed “steps to success”.

Not only are working class people here forced to live under the threatening shadow of this demeaning and Dickensian scheme (5,333 participants have so far been sanctioned) at least £80 million of tax payers money has been handed over to arch-exploitative firms such as Ingeus UK, EOS Works, and Reed employment in order to implement a program which offers nothing to working class Job Seekers, but a fresh chance at ill-gained profit for the filthy rich.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party stands appalled at the antics of those behind the “steps to success” program, we state openly that working class people should be defended from such demeaning initiatives and we call on all those affected by it to join with us in finding a way to smash what is no more than a get rich scam for Tory Party donors.



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IRSP confront British Labour Party attempts to organise in occupied Ireland.

Paid activists of the British Labour party (joined by supporters in the pacifist Belfast left) today attempted to use the guise of an anti-Tory austerity protest to promote efforts to organise electorally in the six counties, an intention which flies in the face of basic Socialist doctrine and traditional Labour claims to be ‘Anti-Imperialist’.


Sporting a banner proclaiming ‘Ireland did not vote for Tory cuts / break the connection with England’ IRSP activists distributed leaflets to all those in attendance, focusing on the traditional Socialist aspiration of Irish independence and encouraging the Belfast left to return to the cause of National Liberation as espoused by Marx, Lennin and James Connolly.

British Labour Party banner at Belfast City Hall.

British Labour Party banner at Belfast City Hall.

In recent months British Labour activists have been hosting meetings across the six counties aimed at building support for standing candidates in occupied Ireland; they have been supported in their efforts by the self styled ‘Socialist party’ formerly ‘Millitant Labour’ a dissident Labour party splinter group who effectively support the partition of Ireland and stronger links with the British left as a safe alternative to traditional Marxist aspirations towards Irish Freedom.

IRSP hand out leaflets to the pacifist left, urging them to return to the Socialist position.

IRSP hand out leaflets to the pacifist left, urging them to return to the Socialist position.

At a gathering at Belfast city hall, the IRSP in a civilised fashion gathered alongside the Labour activists with a view to offering the traditional Republican Socialist message, reminding them that Ireland was a subjected nation which has never had a chance to vote either for or against Tory cuts and promoting the wider cause of Irish independence as the principled socialist response to the continued economic and political oppression of our people.

Paid New Labour workers refuse to speak to the IRSP on organising in occupied Ireland.

Paid New Labour workers refuse to speak to the IRSP on organising in occupied Ireland.

The IRSP attempted to engage those in attendance in debate on the importance of the issue and while some younger members of the Socialist Party admirably agreed to do so, the full time Labour workers refused, appearing un-confident in their purpose and showing physical distain when told that they were speaking to the IRSP.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party holds to the traditional Labour principle of full Irish independence and anti-imperialism and promises that any attempts to dilute that principle under a false flag of Socialism will be challenged and exposed.

The leaflet urging those in attendance to return to the Socialist position.

The leaflet urging those in attendance to return to the Socialist position.


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Protest. We dont need British Labour structures. We need British withdrawal.

In conjunction with tomorrows Anti-Tory/Austerity demonstration in Belfast city center,  the IRSP announce that they will be in attendance yet with a view to promoting the principled Socialist position of Irish separatism and independence, in the wake of the latest draconian attacks on our class as launched by the British government.

It is clear that many within the passive Belfast left, intend to use this period of Tory attacks to extend the influence of British New Labour structures into the six counties, more still are happy to consolidate the failed English ‘Millitant’ models of organisation, blissfully ignoring the fact that Ireland is a subject nation and that this period of British & IMF imposed austerity creates a unique opportunity to promote the principled and traditional Marxist demand of Irish independence.

The IRSP hope that our presence on tomorrows protest will help to refocus the minds of the passive left on the real opportunities which now exist to promote the vital goals of Irish National Liberation and Socialism, shifting their focus from the misplaced obsession with corrupt Union structures as led by Class traitor Peter Bunting and the rush to imitate barely relevant English Labour structures in occupied Ireland.

‘Labour need not wait, nor must Irish independence’

All Socialists, Republicans, separatists and progressives are welcome to Join with the IRSP tomorrow. Gather at College Square North (side of old ‘Black man Tech’) 1pm Tomorrow (Sunday).


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Maghaberry oppression highlighted in Belfast, amid more PSNI harassment.

Under the cameras of the PSNI/RUC, republican socialists campaign for Maghaberry prisoners.

Under the cameras of the PSNI/RUC, republican socialists campaign for Maghaberry prisoners.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party in Belfast took to the Falls Road today in order to raise awareness of the continuing plight of republican prisoners in Maghaberry Gaol.

Under the ever watchful eye of the PSNI/RUC, who stalked the event with a camera mounted spy jeep, hundreds of leaflets were distributed to passing motorists and pedestrians highlighting the continuing use of strip searches, controlled movement and other nefarious forms of sporadic punishment which prisoners are forced to endure on a daily basis.

Joined by comrades from the Cabhair prisoner support group, the opportunity was also taken to highlight the case of the Craigavon Two who are currently imprisoned on the word of a paid perjurer, the railings of Costello House were adorned with a Craigavon Two banner for the duration.

Former Maghaberry prisoner and veteran of the 2012 No wash ‘dirty protest’ Sean Carlin spoke on behalf of the IRSP and of the need to maintain a supportive voice for republican prisoners of all persuasions.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party maintains that regardless of its own position on armed actions today, the systematic oppression of Republican prisoners remains an insult to all of us who adhere to the basic principles of Irish freedom, human rights and civil justice.

The IRSP will continue to do whatever it can to raise awareness of the daily plight of prisoners and the ongoing fight for political status.



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IRSP call on Sinn Féin to end diplomatic relations with Israel.

The IRSP shares the dismay and confusion of the vast majority of supporters of the oppressed Palestinian nation at the decision of the Sinn Féin party to meet with, greet and ultimately give legitimacy to the political forces behind the brutal occupation of Palestine.

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In recent days representatives of the Palestinian resistance movement have appealed for Irish supporters of their cause to condemn in the strongest possible terms, Sinn Féin’s decision to court members of the extreme Zionist Likud party, as well as meeting with various representatives of the Occupying Israeli government in Ireland.

Our party endorses fully this position and the general opinion of Professor Haidar Eid of the al-Aqsa University.

As Irish Republicans, Socialists and internationalists we are angered that those claiming to represent the Irish struggle would attempt to give succour and legitimacy to those who endorse, plan and support the systematic murder of thousands of Palestinian people in their quest to establish an illegal Zionist regime.

It is nothing short of embarrassing that our comrades in Palestine would think that the actions of Sinn Féin are somehow representative of the thinking of the Irish people as a whole, they are not. We hold that symbolic Sinn Féin visits to Palestinian political figures or sporadic calls for a boycott cannot cover up that parties failure to uphold the principles of boycott when and where they matter most.

The IRSP assures those suffering in Palestine that our position is one of total rejection towards their oppressors; we endorse the principled position of boycott against Israeli goods, political representation, sporting and cultural expression.

Throughout decades of oppression in apartheid South Africa, the IRSP stood along with Sinn Féin in an effective campaign for a total boycott of all emanations of that regime, recognising that there can be no accommodation between justice and Facism.

We can only surmise on the political pressures which have now coerced Sinn Féin from that position in relation to occupation, apartheid and downright genocide in Palestine. We urge those within Sinn Féin who share our concerns to put immediate pressure on their leadership to ensure that party structures are no longer used by those who would provide oxygen of legitimacy to the brutal Zionist oppressors of Palestine.

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Memorable day in Derry marks 35th Anniversary of ’81 Hunger Strikes

Up to seven hundred people gathered in Derry City, Sunday 21st August to mark the 35th Anniversary of the death of INLA, POW Michael Devine, the end of the 1981 Hunger Strikes and the sacrifice of north west volunteers who … Continue reading

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PSNI attempt to denigrate memory of the Hunger Strikers during peaceful Falls Road vigil.

The IRSP in Belfast have accused the PSNI of attempting to denigrate the memory of the hunger strikers after a peaceful vigil on the Falls Road (held to mark the anniversary of the death of Michael Devine) was stalked by at least five PSNI vehicles, including a specially adapted camera mounted jeep which circled the vigil for its entire duration recording the identities of those present.


Upper Springfield IRSP spokesperson Aisling McLaughlan claimed that the harassment began minutes after those present had made their way onto the road to participate in the peaceful and now annual black flag vigil.

Activists had taken up their place on the Falls Road with black flags and images of the Hunger Strikers as we have done so for years now, we noticed at first one jeep which approached us at speed initially with sirens sounding, some activists were forced to move out of the way for their own safety as the jeeps driver appeared determined to park as close as possible to the vigil’.

 Shortly after the arrival of the first jeep, a second with a specialised mounted camera appeared, which for the entire duration of the event drove slowly along the length of the vigil stopping only to capture the faces of those present. Throughout the event several unmarked cars with armed PSNI officers present also drove slowly past the vigil, sounding sirens intermittently and halting traffic as they stopped to point out individual ex-prisoners and members of the IRSP.


The IRSP spokesperson believes that the PSNI are now attempting to marginalise and intimidate any political activist or action which has not been sanctioned by one of the mainstream Stormont parties here.

“Over the last number of years these people have been engaged in a particularly open and overt campaign of intimidation against the republican and republican socialist community in west Belfast and beyond.

“They have threatened and intimidated legitimate activists, including ex-prisoners, community workers and others and have even attempted to intimidate local artists who commissioned a mural against political policing”.

“Their only conflict seems to be with the principled Republican community and today’s action in denigrating the memory of the hunger strikers is another new low.”


Following today’s attempted denigration of a Hunger Strike vigil, the Belfast Comhairle Ceantair of the IRSP met and agreed that party activists would be encouraged – in the strongest possible terms – to persist in their legitimate activity despite obvious PSNI provocation and the damning silence from previously hysterical mainstream politicians.

Messages of solidarity with our comrades in Palestine were also relayed including a particular message of support for PFLP Hunger Striker Bilal Kayed.

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National Hunger Strike 35th Anniversary Commemoration – Derry Sunday 21 August 2016


The National Hunger Strike 35th Anniversary Commemoration leaves Rosemount in Derry at 2pm where it will make it’s way with the Red Flag of International Socialism leading the Colour Party to the Irish Republican Socialist Movement memorial in the City Cemetery.  Transport arrangements can be arranged via the IRSP HQ at Costello House, Belfast; the Derry offices of the IRSP or via your local IRSP representative

“Must we live in the shadow of the tyrant in the chains of slavery?  And must we die to shake the shackles from our limbs and taste the fruits of liberty?  Surely it is not to much to ask for freedom and lasting peace in our native land?  And surely it is not too much to be treated as we truly are – soldiers of Ireland and of the Irish People”

(INLA Volunteer Mickey Devine who laid down his life for political status on 20th August 1981)




Saoirse go deo!

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Vigil For INLA Hunger Strike Martyr Mickey Devine Noon-1pm Saturday 20 August Outside Costello House


There will be a vigil from 12-1pm on Saturday 20th August 2016 outside Costello House on the Falls Road in remembrance of INLA Hunger Strike Martyr’s 35th anniversary organised by Belfast IRSP.

All available members are to attend.

All freedom loving Republican Socialists are also welcome – Posters and flags will be supplied by the Irish Republican Socialist Party in Belfast.

Irish Republican Socialists will never forget the ultimate sacrifice of Mickey Devine or his 9 other comrades in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh Concentration Camp in 1981!


Saoirse Go Deo!

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What Can Irish Republican Socialism do for Ireland 2016?

The deadly combination of Imperialism and Capitalism is clear for all to see in 2016 Ireland. Ireland a proud nation that once stood up and defended its people against the biggest Imperial power in the world, a nation that supplied generation after generation whose political thinking has been world renowned amongst global revolutionaries. This nation now lies politically, economically and socially crippled and isolated.

Our nation has become one of low wages, mass unemployment and mass emigration.  The land which boasts a long history of revolution has become a land of zero hour contracts. Contracts designed to spread fear amongst the workers, to weaken trade union movements making it difficult to withdraw labour in any workers dispute. Zero hour contracts are the modern day slave shackles of the working class, shackles which send us to a lifetime of debt and pure reliance on corporate credit and landowners as the working people are in no financial position to own their own property. Ireland ranks second highest in the world in terms of percentage of the population deemed to be in a ‘low wage job’.  Our highly skilled and highly educated youth are forced to work in minimum wage jobs in call centres and Poundlands, while some fight crippling student debt which destroys any hope of a safe personal financial future.

Mass unemployment and Emigration holds a crippling burden on the Irish Working Class. Recent estimates indicate that 22% of our youth across the 32 counties are unemployed while approximately 10% of the population as a whole are unemployed. These figures would be substantially worse if it wasn’t for the ‘Safety valve’ of mass emigration. Over 200,000 young people in Ireland have emigrated in the past 5 years. Emigration leaves our communities with huge socio-economic problems in now and in the future as our potential young highly skilled workforces are exported around the world. Our working class communities left socially empty, demoralized, divided and weak.

Irish Republican Socialism has always been embodied within the Irish Working Class, our ideology has always expressed, promoted and fought for real change in Ireland, this change is needed and more importantly wanted more than ever before. In recent months recent elections in Ireland have shown a swing of support of voters in support of left wing candidates both north and south.  Even though our politics see this as a victory of sorts many of these candidates and parties cannot provide the real change in which Irish Republican Socialism can.

 Irish Republican Socialists has always demanded that the Irish people have their right to National Self-Determination. While many politicians, socialist activists and parties shy away from this matter, national self determination is a pure class issue as it is a fundamental question which the Irish Working Class must face on its road to conquering power, it is a democratic demand pointing to the fullest democracy which creates the perfect conditions for the Irish Working Class struggle. Those who ignore this demand surrender this issue to the capitalist class leaving it open to their solutions.  While this belief in National Self Determination may leave the Irish Republican Socialist movement vulnerable to those who believe in the idea of ‘labour must wait’, any socialist or ‘left winger’ must take the side of those opposed to imperialism and the oppressed as the belief in National Self-determination is the purest form of democracy and democracy is the only way to unite the working class.

 Irish republican Socialists have never believed that the objective of the 32 county Socialist Republic can be achieved through sole individuals or as a party. Examples both in Ireland and worldwide have proven that you cannot change a system via their own political medium to those they exploit.  Irish republican Socialists have always maintained the steadfast belief  that the working class as a unit can only achieve this true objective. Our only allegiance is to the working class and our objective as a group is to help organise and politicise the Irish Working class to achieve our 32 county workers republic.

A 32 county socialist workers republic, created by the incorruptible Irish Working class would be a nation where the needs of the people come before the needs of the financial elite.  A republic where the workers have seized the ‘levers of power’ and the means of production. The billions upon billions worth of profit created by Irish Workers which are today put into the pockets of a few individuals and exported to foreign banks  are seized and put back into the nation. The Republic would provide true working health and education systems which provides for the people. Our National resources will be under the full control of the Irish people and not exploited by multi-national foreign billion dollar companies whose only intention is to exploit and maintain its global financial monopoly at the interest of the few.

 The Irish Republican Socialist ideology provides the Irish Working class the answers to its ongoing devastating problems. Our politics offer  true freedom in every sense of the word, a nation free from imperial and capitalist intervention, a nation free from exploitation and modern day slavery, a nation free from corporate greed and corruption.  The power to achieve this objective lies solely with the working class and the ongoing tireless work of those whose only allegiance is to the protection, politicisation and organisation of the Irish Working Class.

Joe Matthews, Vol. Matt McLarnon IRSP Cumann, Belfast

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