Time to end Direct Provision system.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party is calling on an end to the direct provision system and a progressive campaign against racism in Ireland.

The direct provision system is a system of “their only muslims” the Irish government set up to deal with asylum seekers who have fled their war torn region and forced to live in inhumane conditions which can only be described as ” concentration camps”

They are forced to live in hostels and mobile home parks with a income of under 20 euro a week and no entitlement to employment, social welfare,social housing or to our education system.

The system which receives 50million euro in state funding annually has been giving to private contractors to manage rather than that state to facilitate properly.

IRSP activist Stephen Cummins states

” I feel every Irish citizen has a huge part to play in helping dismantle this system it is racist and degrading and I’m not afraid to say I feel it is the words “Muslim”or “middle easterners” as I have heard it been put that has a huge factor in this system continuing. Racist People need to be educated a bit more.

There was a time during the dark times in Ireland when Irish nationals had to flee our homeland due to oppression and genocide. We found safe haven in other countries and we’re entitled to employment and a life a peace why should it be any different in 21st century Ireland”

Europe has seen an increase in racism over the years with fascist organisations and political parties growing in numbers. Trumpism in the United States is playing a major role in this and it’s time people figure out that it’s a serious political issue.

We are calling on the nation to tackle this issue head on weather it’s individually or helping out with anti racism campaigns across Ireland.

“I believe racism has killed more people than speed, Heroin, or cancer, and will continue to kill until it is no more” – Alice Childress

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Shia & Sunni Islam. Imperialism and the sectarian power struggle behind chaos in the Middle East & What is means to the ‘Terror’ threat in Europe.


Sectarian-war-SHIA-vs-SUNNI (1)

Karla Anguita Falcón of the Irish Republican Socialist Party International department writes an opinion piece for party publication.

Shia & Sunni Islam. Imperialism and the sectarian power struggle behind chaos in the Middle East & What is means to the ‘Terror’ threat in Europe.


In 2017, the Middle East continues to be as volatile as ever. Beset by regional rivalries, multi-ethnic sectarian conflict and a power struggle to dominate the entire region involving the global superpowers. It’s relationship with the ‘West’ remains a problematic one, with western countries deeply embedded in the regional rivalries. Taking sides and arming regimes while at the same time talking of peace, stability and the defence of human rights. The official positions taken by western institutions such as NATO, the EU and the USA  are doing catastrophic harm to the whole region, firing up the danger levels which has the potential to engulf Europe and perhaps a worldwide conflict.

The people of the Middle East, have no doubt, are deeply aware and conscious of the West’s hypocrisy , it’s direct actions and responsibility for the ongoing , everyday, killing and dying. For sure, this frames their view of the West and in turn other global powers on the world stage. Meanwhile, western societies, particularly here in Europe, tie themselves up in knots worrying about the threat of Islamic terrorism at home (especially in our large urban centres) instead of focusing on the role our own governments play in creating the conditions for such terror to foment. However, on most media platforms that bring us our ‘news’, commentary invariably misses the point on the ongoing threat of ‘Islamic’ terrorism in Europe. They consistently fail to first ask, and then subsequently deal with a number of key questions:

Why has Islamic terrorism in the last decade grown into such an immediate threat in Europe?
Why does its style generally involve randomly attacking very soft civilian targets?
What exact ideological position is driving this – obviously some offshoot of radical Islam – but which one and why? And of course why now?

These questions are not a part of mainstream discussion about the threat of terrorism anywhere today. Key to all the above questions is understanding the difference between Shia and Sunni Islamic militants. Which are the ones attacking and intent on destroying the West and its ‘Christian/Secular’ traditions? And again of course, why?

Instead of analysis of these hugely important questions, what we generally receive from our western media outlets are apparent security ‘experts’ delivering broad warnings and generalized fear mongering over the threat from ‘Islamic’ terrorists. We may wonder if mainstream news outlets believe reasoned discussion and analysis is beyond most people, or could it be that they are missing the point on purpose here?

Yes, the majority of terrorists threatening Europe today are ‘Islamic’, but when is it ever asked which Islamic tradition they belong to? It is well known, but mostly shielded from the public, that the current Islamic terror threat to Europe (and indeed the Middle East) comes from an extreme form of Islam originating in Saudi Arabia, called Wahhabism. How often do we hear that word after a mention on the mainstream news of ISIS, Al-Qaeda or Jabhat Al-Nusra? Is it ever explained that these terror group share and trace an ideological lineage back to the ancient deserts of Saudi Arabia, the home of Wahhabism. Their goal is the destruction of everything that doesn’t resemble the 7th Century world of the Prophet Muhammad, and the creation of some type of divine heavenly kingdom right here on Earth, courtesy of their own version of Islamic Sharia Law.
Compare this with the ideology of the key Shia Islamic militant groups. Take Hezbollah for example, or Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, both fighting beside the Syrian Arab Army against ISIS and other Wahhabi groups  in the Syrian civil war. Iran’s Revolutionary Guards primary ideological position is to defend its own country’s revolution and its achievements against foreign interference. Lebanon’s Shia militant group, Hezbollah, is similarly Anti-Imperialist in nature, and is sworn to defend the multi-ethnic make-up of Lebanon and all its people.
Hold on a minute, we may ask. Is that an Islamic militant group sworn to defend Christians, and other religions besides its own form of Islam? Followers of mainstream news outlets may think that something is not quite right. They’d be correct, mainstream media constantly deceive us and are hiding very important truths.

Hezbollah, Iran, and Syria generally share an anti-Imperialist outlook. While not uniformly the same, they generally demand that the western powers withdraw all their military and coercive forces from the region, allowing them to develop their own societies and economies on their own basis. It is a position not without its own  internal problems and contradictions, but it’s a far cry from 7th Century Wahhabism  and the Sunni extremists call for the creation of God’s kingdom on all of Earth under Sharia Law.

Anybody new to the politics and history of the Middle East, may find all this a little confusing and hard to digest, but the mind must surely boggle when one considers that the West and its institutions has chosen the Wahhabi extremists as their chief ally in the region.
Furthermore, Europe’s own Muslim population are being bombarded with the loving advances of Saudi Arabia, a despotic regime who are paying for Wahhabi inspired Saudi mosques to be built all across Europe. Most new mosques being built here in Europe are done so with Saudi money, and after construction they come complete with a Saudi-Wahhabi Islamic preacher. Given this, it should come as no surprise to anyone that nearly all the recent terror attacks in Europe have been committed by young Europeans. Young European Muslims radicalized at home in Europe by Saudi-Wahhabi preachers who prey on young men, who more often than not come from disadvantaged and troublesome social backgrounds.

Iran and Saudi Arabia, the two regional giants, are currently locked in a very dangerous power game. Both vying for regional domination and supremacy, separated along sectarian and ideological lines. The Iran-Syria-Hezbollah axis is currently being backed by a resurgent Russia displaying a bold new military and technological confidence and the situation has the potential to degenerate at any time into a global scale confrontation far beyond the scope of the Middle East.
The ‘West’, The EU and European governments, must break with its military-economic inter-relationship with Saudi Arabia and its traditional petro-politics. Citizens should take with a grain of salt when our leaders emerge on mainstream media talking about working with their ‘partners in the region’. This invariably means selling sophisticated weapons to a despotic Saudi regime and its allies. Western arms sales and Imperialist power games mean the current hostilities in the region again pose an existential to humanity’s survival. Humanity demands that we are on the side of progress, and that we choose to support the best path, and the best chance for peace, for all the people of the Middle East.


Karla Anguita Falcón

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IRSP International Department Easter speech.

Head of the Irish Republican Socialist Party International Department and Ard Comhairle member Sean Carlin delivered a solidarity message to our comrades struggling abroad.

sean carlin



International solidarity is an important aspect of the struggle for socialism in Ireland. Through this work our International department has endeavored to rebuild old friendships and to find new allies as we try to get support for our struggle but also give support and solidarity to others around the world who find themselves fighting against oppression and injustice.

During this Easter we would like to extend solidarity and revolutionary greetings to our comrades in Catalonia as they demand independence from Spain. They have fought a long and hard fight over the decades and if they can achieve victory this it will bode well for their neighbours in the Basque country. ETA has very recently volunarily disarmed in an attempt to further their cause through politically peaceful activities. It’s been reported that the Spanish government has not reacted in a positive manner to this brave move. History has shown that the Spanish will not come easily to a political solution that gives autonomy to either the Basques or the Catalans and we urge our comrades to exercise caution and to stay resolute when dealing with the intransigence of Madrid. Like here, too many sacrifices have been made and too many imprisoned and too many families broken up over a long period of time for these initiatives not to produce positive political results for our comrades in the Basque country.

Given our experience of the pacification process here in Ireland we would caution. We would demand that the Spanish and French Governments recipricate ETA’s initiative and repatriate Basque prisoners from both Spanish and French jails. We know from experience if you oppose the process for any reason you will be subjected to state harrassment

Since the Brexit referendum there is a growing desire from Scotland to once against vote to leave the UK. We look forward to any coming referdom in Scotland were the scots have a chance to become a free nation as we see this as a real opportunity for occupied Ireland.

This year has seen many groups fighting for to implement a better, more sustainable progressive and revolutionary future for their people. Some are simply fighting against oppression from religious fundamentalists and we will continue to offer support to all these goups.

The Kurds, Palestinians, Syrians, Yemenis, the Free Papua Movement  to name but a few as we see the interests of the USA and backed by the worlds capitalists rain their bombs in civilian targets and hospitals inbuilt up areas but never the oil or the gas depots.

Comrades as neo liberal agenda ramps up we must be ready to stand by our comrades  

We from this platform must send the messge out loud and clear

You have our support and our solidarity

Saoirse go deo

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Main 1916 Rising Commemorative Oration [2017]


This years main oration was delivered by IRSP Ard Comhairle member and Trade Union activist Michael McLaughlin.

Michael McLaughlin reads the main oration

Michael McLaughlin reads the main oration

Comrades, supporters, friends, brothers and sisters one year on from the centenary of the 1916 rising we again gather to remember the sacrifice of all volunteers who fell in action in defence of the principles laid out in the  proclamation of the Irish Republic.


In particular this year we remember our young volunteers who died in defence of the Irish Republican Socialist Party’s right to exist. We owe them everything and as a new generation of republican socialists step up to continue the struggle for national liberation and socialism it’s on their shoulders we stand, united and stronger than ever.


Our journey to socialism was a natural progression out of necessity, the jackboot of imperialist occupation was our introduction to the class nature of society. We were failed, we all, at some point, lived with the bitter taste of poverty, our opposition to the physical manifestations of imperialism awakened a consciousness that naturally led us to socialism. As our contempt for the establishment grew so did our understanding that to be truly free, to be truly liberated, means giving ownership of the nation to its entire people.


We seen a society built upon inequality and exploitation of the communities we grew up in, wage slaves, everyone broken on some level all disenfranchised but not powerless, never powerless. The strength that it took to stand up against imperialism, to agitate and strive to confront our oppressors on any level possible, this is the strength that is alive in the Irish Republican Socialist Party today and this is the strength on which the socialist republic will be built.


Real change will come from the streets. As its only by the active participation of the masses, the dispossessed and exploited, taking control of their own interests for the good of our entire class can any change worth fighting for be delivered.


The time for a debate on the type of Ireland we wish to create is here. An Ireland with universal participation in real democracy for all citizens, constitutional rights to work, to rest, to leisure, the right to a properly maintained and funded state health service, care in old age and in sickness, a right to housing a right to education, a right to freedom of expression and a right to privacy, the right to the freedom of information, freedom of assembly, the right to religious worship or to choose not to, the separation of church and state, the right to artistic expression, the protection of the concept of diverse contemporary family. These things are not bargaining chips between the working and ruling classes, they should be enshrined in a progressive collective nation’s constitution, not become a construct of the capitalist toll bridge society to profit the few.


As the political establishments on both sides of the border continue to fail workers, as we witness the commencement of neoliberalist divorce proceedings between the capitalist states of Europe, in this climate a momentum towards an Irish border poll is slowly but steadily growing, we cannot ignore this. A cursory glance around the island points us to the conclusion of a society deeply divided and polarised by class, a border poll is just one issue that needs addressed.


We are serious about our political aims and objectives. We are serious about a united socialist Ireland,this process starts by dialogue between all progressive forces on what type of Ireland we wish to create. The IRSP are ready for that debate. We will never be a barrier to any serious attempts to remove partition, we will stand shoulder to shoulder with all who strive to achieve this, we are willing to share the important lessons we have learned standing outside the Good Friday Agreement though striving for a peaceful resolution of the national question.


All over Ireland a war is waging between bosses and workers. Corporations interests are protected by the state and the media, natural resources stolen and sold to enrich the few. Benefits sanctions attack our most vulnerable while working conditions are slowly eroded. Our trade unions are under constant attack. We stand in solidarity with everyone in their daily struggles. We cannot beg for equality from either the British state or the Irish capitalist state, asking for equality from entities built on hegemonic inequality is a futile act, we must take back what they have stolen, our nation’s wealth, our dignity, we must revive the collective aspirations of our class.


A merging of two corrupt capitalist states into one corrupt capitalist state is not good enough, the struggle cannot stop there, we strive for a society grounded in Irish neutrality and in the vision of Connolly that will never capitulate to, nor serve, the interests of the most wealthy over the needs of Irish workers.

There is much talk of the re emergence of a hard border due to a British exit from the EU.This hard border already exists due to British and European Union austerity measures all over Ireland, an uncomfortable truth for some. A most dangerous yet subtle hard border than has ever existed, a hard border that unemployment, poverty, lack of opportunities, underemployment, fear of eviction creates, a hard border that exists at the front door of the majority of homes on this island.

A hard border that prevents the active participation of citizens in society, a hard border at your own front door that breaks men,women and children, a hard border at your own front door trapping people in a cycle of debt and human exploitation. A psychological hard border that destroys the dreams, hopes, imagination and aspirations of our class to collectively achieve a society which protects people, not prosecutes, a society in which no man woman or child is left behind.

This year marks the centenary of the great October revolution. A time to revisit the spirit and determination of the Soviet people who created something unique, the world’s first socialist state, it’s a time to look at the similarities between the IRSP and the Bolsheviks. Both our political parties, although thousands of miles apart we cut from the same oppressed working class anti-imperialist and internationalist cloth.

Historically the IRSP, like the Bolsheviks had no problem in working outside the perceived norms of political activity when the situation dictated it. When seeking funding for their political activities both parties were not above engaging in proletarian expropriation. When facing the might of an oppressive imperialist state both parties were not above taking up arms against it. When facing reactionary counter revolution from within, both parties were not above physically confronting it in whatever way they seen fit. When facing a changing political climate both parties were progressive enough to change with the times.

As we move towards the centenary of the great October revolution the links between the 1916 Irish rising and the Bolshevik revolution are more intertwined than modern historians would like us all to believe.

Shortly after the nineteen sixteen rising a delegation of what were to become senior Bolsheviks arrived in Dublin from exile in London to learn the lessons from the Irish fight against imperialism. What they took away from revolutionary Ireland is all academic and up for debate. But Lenin said at the second world congress of the soviet international in nineteen twenties Petrograd that he considered James Connolly to be head and shoulders above above his contemporaries in the european socialist movement. Lenin said that the easter rising was a decisive blow against the power of English imperialism.

Comrades the complete and honest truth is a powerful weapon we must not ignore when we are confronted by the false propaganda churned out from the establishment. The very curriculum in our children’s schools is capitalist propaganda to create obedient lackeys, from the pulpit, newspapers, internet articles flows capitalist propaganda, it’s an instrument of their rule.

We have to break this cycle of lies we must continue to spread the message a that stable, sustainable, shared, socialist republic is in the people’s best interests, a free Ireland that belongs to them from Ballymena to Bantry Bay.

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Portraits of the '87 Martyrs are held by family members at the 2017 IRSP Easter Sunday procession.

Many hundreds of the Republican Socialist faithful assembled upon Belfast’s Falls Road today (Easter Sunday 2017) to pay tribute to Ireland’s fallen martyrs and the revolutionary dead from all generations of the Irish National Liberation and working class struggles.

In particular recognition of the 30th Anniversary of the attempted neutralisation of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, pride of place was rightly given to the families of those INLA Volunteers who in 1987, gave their lives in defence of the IRSP and the primacy of revolutionary democracy.

Republican Socialist colour party salute the INLA martyrs of 1987.

Republican Socialist colour party salute the INLA martyrs of 1987.

Despite frivolous warnings from the PSNI/RUC a young Republican Socialist colour party emerged into large crowds congregated at Dunville Park on the Falls Road, before marching towards a small gathering of close family and comrades of INLA Volunteers; Tá Power, John O’Reilly, Mickey Kearney, Emmanuel Gargan and Kevin Barry Duffy, who had gathered with portraits of their loved ones.

Portraits of the '87 Martyrs are held by family members at the 2017 IRSP Easter Sunday procession.

Portraits of the ’87 Martyrs are held by family members at the 2017 IRSP Easter Sunday procession.

The families of the ’87 Martyrs were then invited to form up at the immediate rear of the colour party, followed by wreath bearers representing the many families of INLA and IRSP fallen from all decades of the modern Republican Socialist movement.

A new appearance from the recently formed ‘Jemmy Hope Republican Socialist Flute Band’ Belfast, was met with enthusiasm from all in attendance, while columns of IRSM ex-Prisoners and veterans from around Ireland formed up at intervals, interspersed with other attending Republican Socialist and Republican Flute bands from around Ireland and beyond.


Comrades from as far away as Sweden and France also joined in the procession which made its way up the Falls Road and into what can only be described as appallingly wet conditions and onto Belfast’s Milltown cemetery.

Upon entrance to Milltown it became apparent to all those in attendance that numbers had swelled to what may well have been record levels for a Belfast IRSM gathering, a fitting recognition of the determination of the ’87 Martyrs and all the INLA & IRSP fallen, who over the years imbued the wider Republican Socialist family with a spirit of eternal resolve and commitment to always bounce back, stronger than before.

Despite appalling conditions, flags are lowered at the home of IRSP founder, James Connolly

Despite appalling conditions, flags are lowered at the home of IRSP founder, James Connolly

With proceedings chaired by Belfast IRSP activist John Nugent, this theme of resolve was touched upon by main speaker Michael McLaughlin from Strabane, who (in reference to the ’87 martyrs) reminded all those in attendance that ‘we stand upon their shoulders’.

Comrade McLaughlin then went on to touch upon the resounding political themes currently emanating from the Stormont establishment and mainstream nationalist politicians, reminding those in attendance of the ‘hard border at the door of all working-class families’.

Michael McLaughlin reads the main oration

Michael McLaughlin reads the main oration

He stated ‘This hard border already exists due to British and European Union austerity measures all over Ireland, an uncomfortable truth for some. A most dangerous yet subtle hard border than has ever existed, a hard border that unemployment, poverty, lack of opportunities, underemployment, fear of eviction creates, a hard border that exists at the front door of the majority of homes on this island.’

Confirming that the IRSP would get behind any progressive efforts to end partition, he continued however ‘A merging of two corrupt capitalist states into one corrupt capitalist state is not good enough, the struggle cannot stop there’.

Ex IRSM prisoner Jimmy McCafferty reads the INLA, IRSP & H'Block, roll of honour.

Ex IRSM prisoner Jimmy McCafferty reads the INLA, IRSP & H’Block, roll of honour.

For Republican Socialist POW Jimmy McCafferty also gave what was a quite unique and personal rendition of the IRSP, INLA and H-Block roll of honour, paying attention to the individuals and how they died.

Comrade Canice Millen of the Republican Socialist Youth movement read out the 1916 Proclamation of the Irish Republic, while Comrades Danny Morrison (Derry IRSP) and Gerard Murray (Belfast IRSP) read out statements of solidarity from both the Republican Socialist Associations of North America and Republican Socialist Prisoners in Maghaberry and Portlaoise.

John Nugent (Belfast IRSP) chaired proceedings while the 1916 proclamation was read by Canice Millen

John Nugent (Belfast IRSP) chaired proceedings while the 1916 proclamation was read by Canice Millen

Wreaths were also laid on behalf of IRSP and INLA structures from across Ireland.

In what was a deeply moving and personal gesture, long term Belfast Republican Socialist activist Fra Halligan also read his own tribute to the fallen INLA martyrs of 1987, addressing both the personal loss of the families and friends of the fallen, but also the counter revolutionary dynamic which lay behind the events of that dark period, stating firmly that (contrary to media spin) what occurred was not factionalism in any form, but a premeditated attack upon the structured of Costello’s Irish Republican Socialist Movement, an attack which has had failed and which (should similar circumstances arise) would surely fail again.

Fra Halligan (Belfast IRSP) gives a deeply personal and moving tribute to the INLA martyrs of 1987

Fra Halligan (Belfast IRSP) gives a deeply personal and moving tribute to the INLA martyrs of 1987

Overall, Easter 2017 was a special occasion for the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, a living tribute and testimony to the spirit ideals and resolve of their fallen comrades and all of Ireland’s revolutionary dead.

Belfast IRSP activist John Kearny, proudly poses with family members and a portrait of his brother, INLA Vol Mickey Kearny.

Belfast IRSP activist John Kearny, proudly poses with family members and a portrait of his brother, INLA Vol Mickey Kearny.

A relative of INLA Volunteer Emmanuel Gargan rests at the Milltown Republican Socialist plot

A relative of INLA Volunteer Emmanuel Gargan rests at the Milltown Republican Socialist plot

Danny Morrison (Derry) reads statement on behalf of Republican Socialist prisoners.

Danny Morrison (Derry) reads statement on behalf of Republican Socialist prisoners.

Gerard Murray (Belfast) reads solidarity statements from comrades around the world

Gerard Murray (Belfast) reads solidarity statements from comrades around the world







IRSP spokesperson for Crumlin & Glenavy Joe Matthews has called for a broad campaign of resistance to the increasingly blatant utilisation of airspace in the locality by US military aircraft, including the influx of giant transporters which have caused no small degree of alarm amongst local people, including one family who captured the arrival of one such war plane on a camera phone while out for a drive on the afternoon of Saturday 8th of April.

Later that day the captured aircraft was confirmed by the Aviation Society to be a massive American C17 ‘Globe master’, which has seen recent action in all theatres of war in which US imperialism has been engaged. http://www.niaviation.co.uk/index.php?topic=22603.msg126422#msg126422

US military transport aircraft lands in County Antrim.

US military transport aircraft lands in County Antrim.

Speaking to IRSP media on Saturday evening Joe Matthews told IRSP media, ‘We have been shown footage of what appears to be a massive US military aircraft which made its way into Aldergrove early this afternoon. While it is no secret that Aldergrove has been occupied by the RAF and various NATO elements for many years, the fact that the US military have invaded local airspace barely a day after sustained attacks were made upon the legitimate Syrian government, represents a particular insult to local people and indeed all progressive thinking people in Ireland’.

The IRSP intend to initiate a campaign in an effort to raise popular awareness of the unacceptable utilisation of Aldergrove by the US Military and in the hope of placing pressure upon both local authorities and the Airport itself to rectify this blatant intrusion on local people and insult to Irish neutrality.

Aircraft was later confirmed to be a massive American C17 ‘Globe master’,

Aircraft was later confirmed to be a massive American C17 ‘Globe master’,


Irish Republican Socialist Party
Costello House
392b Falls Road
BT12 6DH

Date: 22/02/2017
=========PRESS RELEASE==========

The Irish Republican Socialist Party releases this statement to refute allegations made in the media beginning yesterday (21/02/2017) following the alleged discovery of explosives and ammunitions in the Conway Street area of the Falls Road.

This incident is not related to the Irish National Liberation Army. We state this standing firmly on the basis of the Republican Socialist Movement’s statement released in Bray in 2009 which stated the following;

“The RSM has been informed by the INLA that following a process of serious debate, consultation and analysis, it has concluded that the armed struggle is over and the objective of a 32 County Socialist Republic will be best achieved through exclusively peaceful political struggle.”

The Irish Republican Socialist Party stands by the above quote and has not been informed of any change in position from the Irish National Liberation Army.

Sinister media speculation of internal conflict within the Republican Socialist Movement is of no substance and is a dangerous but futile attempt to create the perception that we are divided.

The Republican Socialist Movement is united on a political path in pursuit of our objectives.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party is entirely satisfied that there is no conflict within the INLA. The state arms of the press and the security forces are collaborating to advance a politically motivated campaign against the Republican Socialist Movement.

This has manifested itself in Arrests, Violent House Raids, the targeting of IRSP members for harassment and character assassinations via numerous newspaper outlets. The events of the past number of days are nothing other than a continuation of this campaign.


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PSNI intrusion at Clonard Primary School. ‘Offensive, Unauthorised and wrong’.



PSNI on the offensive, in homes and in schools

IRSP Lower Falls spokesperson Michael Kelly has said that the party has in recent days received numerous complaints from furious parents in the Clonard area, expressing concern at the decision of a local primary school to permit the PSNI/RUC to enter and ingratiate themselves with children during school hours. Despite children being allowed to handle dangerous equipment, (including riot gear), none of the parents concerned were consulted by the school.

This afternoon Kelly said ‘The IRSP understand and share the concern of these parents at the unauthorised exploitation of their children, which is frankly, offensive, unjustifiable and wrong, particularly given the wave of documented harassment operations which have been mounted against republican families in the streets around the school in recent times’. Accordingly we intend to seek a meeting with school authorities.


The PSNI have in recent times embarked upon a deliberate policy of stalking local school runs both in the morning and afternoon, with a view to harassing, searching, and isolating republican families from their neighbours.The homes of local children have also been stormed by heavily armed and aggressive PSNI swat teams leaving children traumatised and psychologically damaged. School authorities will be aware of these incidents as they have been well documented in the press. They should also be aware therefore that to allow the same armed thugs access to what should be a safe space for children, risks retraumatising the victims of politically motivated abuse and aggression.


The PSNI are engaged in an intense political propaganda offensive with a view to isolating the families and children of local Republican activists, this involves countering images of their armed oppression with imagery purporting to show concern for child welfare. This amounts to no less than the exploitation of local children for political ends. The IRSP opposes such despicable practices and asks the school authorities to reconsider the practice of granting such people access to children.


IRSP lower falls spokesperson, Michael Kelly.

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‘Workers’ Republic’. Newsletter, Belfast IRSP. Winter 2017


PDF download (Good Quality) Page 1 , page 2 , page 3 , back page






front page





page 2

 page 3back page





page 2





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Austerity bites, as burst water mains flood Divis for second week.

IRSP Lower Falls Representative Michael Kelly claims that NI Water are ignoring the concerns of residents in the Albert Street and Divis Street Areas of the lower Falls by stalling essential repair work scheduled to be carried out on a burst water main.

Speaking from Divis on Wednesday morning, Michael Kelly told us
“A burst water main has caused flooding on Divis Street and Albert Street, resulting in serious health and safety concerns for local people. I have dealt with a number of representatives from NI Water and although they have accepted that this work needs to be carried out, they appear to be brushing the concerns of local people under the carpet.”
Michael explained that a manager from NI Water accused the Department for Infrastructure of delaying progress by placing an “embargo” on the repair work.
“This was the second excuse after they claimed that there were complications with the burst main. Residents here have entered the new year with filthy water flowing outside their homes and it is time for those responsible to stop passing the buck and get the job done.”
The IRSP say that this issue is yet another example of how in these times of Stormont austerity, working class communities are again being left at the back of the queue when it comes to prioritising social problems.






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