Belfast IRSM’s New Mural In Support of the Besieged People of Gaza

IRSM's new mural in support of the people of Gaza

IRSM’s new mural in support of the people of Gaza

A striking new mural in support of the besieged people of Gaza and condemning Zionist imperialist aggression against the Palestinian people acting as the USA’s war-dog in the middle-east, was painted recently by local Irish Republican Socialist Party activists in Belfast.

Speaking at the site of the new mural, Belfast IRSP spokesperson, Alex McGuigan, stated, “the mural in solidarity with the victims of the most recent Israeli war machine’s massacres in Gaza is situated on Northumberland Street, close to the ‘International Wall’ at the corner of Divis, has already attracted scores of visitors from overseas and closer to home.”

The Belfast IRSP spokesperson continued, “in short, based on the premise that a ‘picture is worth a thousand words’, the IRSM’s new mural cleverly manages to show our solidarity with the Palestinian people and condemns the imperialist outrages of both apartheid Israel and it’s sponsors, the USA’s military-industrial complex. Congratulations are of course due to the local activists for this cleverly designed, poignant mural.”




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IRSP calls for “internal dialogue within republicanism” in Strabane


The Irish Republican Socialist Party is calling for “internal dialogue within republicanism” in Strabane . The various republican political parties need to discuss and debate the local way forward in dealing with the key anti social problems our town faces.

Mícheál MacLochlainn spokesperson for Strabane IRSP said “All the strands and opinions of republicanism as a collective have never honestly engaged with each other on the issue of seriously tackling the key anti social problems faced in the town. The lack of internal engagement and dialogue within republicanism has created a vacuum in which shootings, beatings and expulsions have become the knee jerk reactions used to deal with individuals involved in elements of anti community behavior”.

Mr MacLochlainn finishes “By not engaging in dialogue and debate republicans are allowing the PSNI to set the agenda by felon setting republicanism as a negative and brutal influence on our communities. They use these vulnerable youths engaged in anti community actions as agents and sources of information for their own nefarious ends. Internal dialogue within republicanism to formulate a collective response to these issues is the only way forward”.

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INLA Hunger Striker Mickey Devine’s 33rd Anniversary Today


On the 20th August 1981, 33 years ago today, Irish National Liberation Army volunteer Mickey Devine was the tenth and last Irish Republican POW to give his life on Hunger Strike.  Mickey Devine gave his life for the right to be treated as a political prisoner and he was also the third and last of the Irish National Liberation Army (INLA) prisoners to die on Hunger Strike.

Mickey Devine’s nickname was ‘Red Mick’ due to his red hair but it was also indicative of his Left-wing beliefs as he was a founding member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party (IRSP) in his home city of Derry.  The arms procurement operation that Mickey Devine was arrested for and for which he received 12 years imprisonment in the H Blocks also involved his Derry INLA comrade and fellow Hunger Striker Patsy O’Hara, who had given his life just a month before Mickey Devine commenced his fast.  Ironically, it has been said that the INLA unit in Derry to which both Mickey Devine and Patsy O’Hara were attached, were in dire need of weaponry not just to prosecute the guerrilla struggle but also to protect members of the Republican Socialist Movement from attacks from hostile elements within the leadership of the Provisional IRA in the city who were centred around the current Deputy Prime Minister of the Stormont partitionist assembly, Martin McGuinness.

Mickey Devine began his Hunger Strike on the 22nd of June 1981, his INLA comrade Kevin Lynch from nearby Dungiven died some 6 weeks later on August 1st. There have been numerous accounts of Mickey Devine’s life, his last days on Hunger Strike and all of them bear testimony to his tremendous courage in the face of death and his willingness to make the supreme sacrifice against the massive resources waged against him by the imperialist enemy.

David Beresford’s ‘Ten Men Dead‘ which many viewed erroneously, as recent events have uncovered, as the definitive account of the 1981 Hunger Strike, was not particularly kind to Mickey Devine’s memory in it’s pen portrait of his life.  Richard O’Rawe, whose book ‘Blanketmen’ controversially exposed the existence of a ‘deal’ which could have saved the lives of perhaps up to 6 of the Hunger Strikers including Mickey Devine’s.  Richard O’Rawe in both his bestselling publications, Blanketmen and Afterlives maintain the life-saving deal offered by the British government via a neutral conduit, was rejected by the Provisionals outside leadership for reasons of political expediency.  A recent Irish Republican Socialist Party inquiry completely vindicated Richard O’Rawe’s version of events and accepted the existence of a deal.

Mickey Devine was described by Richard O’Rawe as follows:

“this poor man – like his nine comrades – was blessed (or damned) with the heart of a lion. He had told Pat Beag that he thought all was lost, yet he chose to forfeit his life rather than end his hunger strike. What naked valour! He had one life, and he gave it for us.

It goes without saying that Mickey Devine, just like his 9 Hunger Striker comrades before him was one of the bravest of the brave! Mickey Devine’s last fight against British imperialism, and the system that sought unsuccessfully to criminalise his actions, ended on the 20th of August 1981. He was only 27 years of age. He was survived by a daughter, Louise and a young son Michael who bore his name. Within 6 weeks, the Hunger Strike was officially ended with no further loss of life.

Mickey Devine died as he lived, a proud Irish Republican Socialist and volunteer in the Irish National Liberation Army.  In this the 33rd year since his death, the ideals for which Mickey Devine died, National Liberation and Socialism are still pursued by the Irish Republican Socialist Party that he helped to found in his hometown of Derry.

Thúg sé a beo ag troid ar son Saoirse agus Muintir Na hEireann. I measc Laochra Na nGael go raibh a Anam.

Saoirse go deo!

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IRSP Speech at the 33rd Kevin Lynch Commemoration.


Speech delivered by the IRSPs Michael McLaughlin at the 2014 Kevin Lynch Commemoration in Dungiven.

Friends and comrades

It is a great privilege to be asked to address the 33rd commemoration of one of Dungivens proudest sons, National Liberation Army Volunteer Kevin Lynch.

Whilst the people from this community, and indeed our entire Island, who lived through those dark days of Hunger Strike, remember Kevin Lynch as a friend, a brother, a son, a comrade a National Liberation Army Volunteer, who gave his life so those who came after him could benefit from his sacrifice, I come from a different generation, from a different time. I, and thousands like me, come from a generation of Republican Socialists who did not live through those dark days of Hunger Strike but who endeavour to carry on the struggle Kevin Lynch ultimately gave his life for.

I cannot begin to understand or to even comprehend what Kevin Lynch’s sacrifice means to a community like Dungiven but I can quantify what his and his comrade’s sacrifices mean to someone like me.

The brutal hardship endured on the Blanket and on the Hunger Strike has left no lasting notion of romantic conflict on the consciousness of young contemporary Republican Socialists. The collective suffering of friends, family and an entire nation is nothing we believe should be celebrated; we have learned the hard lesson that the suffering of the people should be avoided and that armed struggle only used as a last resort. The oppressive murderous tactics of the British occupation in which brave young men like Kevin Lynch were forced to take up arms against are something, we hope, are consigned to the history books.

But one thing that is not consigned to the history books, let me be very clear in saying this here today, is the political philosophy of equality, justice, respect, national liberation and socialism that Kevin Lynch and his comrades died fighting for, it is very much a part of the struggle we continue to fight.

We have a vision to create a progressive nation that was outlined in the 1916 Easter Proclamation of the Irish Republic. We have a vision that states the right of the people of Ireland to the ownership of Ireland. It declares that we shall cherish all of the children of our nation equally. We shall endeavour to create a workers republic that shall guarantee civil and religious liberties for all and create equal opportunities for all of its citizens. I am in no doubt that Kevin Lynch and his comrades understood the importance of those key elements of that historic document, they also understood that building socialism in Ireland is paramount.

As our generation of Republican Socialists continue the struggle we are under no illusions, we are standing on the shoulders of giants of men like Kevin Lynch.

Comrades we have much to do. Occupied Ireland functions on the State sponsored anti- republican premise of a sectarian Catholic Vs Protestant political carve up. British intelligence agencies and their secret agendas reign supreme over all the executive institutions of Stormont. Political policing, poverty, fuel poverty, unemployment, underemployment, deprivation and substance abuse are destroying the very fabric of our communities.

The 26 counties are not much better.

The Economic occupation of the Free State by the European Union the European Central Bank and the International Monetary Fund has created a generation of lost youth faced with emigration or poverty on the dole.

Kevin Lynch’s party, the Irish Republican Socialist Party has some sobering decisions to make on this our 40th anniversary. Do we walk away from this proud mans commemoration and simply go home. Or do we leave today and go back into our communities and trade unions and build the culture of resistance to capitalism, imperialist occupation and neoliberal thought worthy of those who went before us?

In 1995 comrade Gino Gallagher hinted that the change in strategic tactics in the way in which we persecute the struggle will be difficult to accept by saying “I feel more comfortable with a mask on”. We can all identify with that sentiment but even in 1995 Gino recognised that without a collective coherent progressive political strategy we are “on a hiding to nothing”. That sentiment is as relevant today as it was nearly 20 years ago.

We owe it to Kevin Lynch, Pasty OHara, Mickey Devine, Bobby Sands, Ray McCreesh, Kieran Doherty, Joe McDonnell, Martin Hurson, Francis Hughes and Thomas McElwee to continue the struggle. We owe it to the hundreds and hundreds of other National Liberation Army and Provisional Republican Army volunteers who died fighting British Imperialism to continue the struggle. We owe it to the thousands upon thousands of political prisoners whose lives were destroyed by the struggle to continue to fight to create a workers republic worthy of heir sacrifice. Standing on these patriot men and women’s shoulders is no easy task comrades, let us create the resistance and empower the people of this island to be the masters of their own destiny through our struggle for National Liberation and Socialism.

Comrades, I will finish with a quote coined from a founding member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, Bernadette Devlin- McAliskey. When referring to those murderers who are responsible for driving our ten brave comrades to their deaths on Hunger Strike in 1981 she said “Hell is not hot enough, nor eternity long enough for those who stood by and watched those men die”.

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INLA Hunger Striker Kevin Lynch Commemorated in Dungiven


INLA Hunger Striker Volunteer Kevin Lynch was respectfully commemorated in his home town of Dungiven on Sunday 3 August by his comrades in the Irish Republican Socialist Movement.  A march through Dungiven’s main street led firstly by an IRSM colour party, the James Connolly Memorial Flute Band and followed by IRSP comrades made their way to INLA Volunteer Kevin Lynch’s last place of rest.

Thirty three years ago on the 3rd of August 1981 Volunteer Kevin Lynch was buried in Dungiven. Kevin died as he lived, a proud Republican Socialist and a volunteer in the Irish National Liberation Army. His last fight was against the criminalisation of Irish political prisoners, by the forces of British imperialism in the H-Blocks of Long Kesh. Kevin Lynch was given a full military funeral by his comrades in the Irish Republican Socialist Movement with 6 armed INLA volunteers in uniform firing a final volley of shots over his coffin as it made it’s journey to Dungiven cemetery

Prior to the many IRSM wreaths being laid and the colour party’s flag’s being lowered, IRSP Ard Comhairle member, Michael McLaughlin, gave the oration commemorating the selfless sacrifice of INLA Hunger Striker Kevin Lynch and re-affirming the IRSM’s principles and goals of a 32 County Irish Workers’ Republic for which Dungiven’s bravest son lived and died.

Saoirse go deo!



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Direct Action Against Israeli Goods in Strabane

The Irish Republican Socialist Party took direct action today in calling for a national Boycott of Israeli Goods. Members of Strabane IRSP took products whose manufacturers have a track record of supporting Israel off the shelves of Strabane Asda.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP continues “The Zionist regime must be sent a message that we will physically oppose its genocide in Palestine. Our actions today in Strabane are only a small token gesture in the wider campaign. If we can get activists from all over Ireland to physically remove Israeli produced and Israeli backed products from the shelves plus keep up the street actions then we believe a message that cannot be ignored can be sent”.

Mr McLaughlin continues “Our full support needs to be sent in solidarity with the Palestinian resistance. Today all over Ireland thousands upon thousands came onto the streets of Derry, Belfast and Dublin in calling for an end to the current phase of military attacks on Gaza. We in the IRSP believe that this simple demand of a cessation is short sighted and not sufficient to see a lasting peace in Palestine”.

Mr McLaughlin finishes “Only a people’s democratic Palestine, where Arabs and Jews would live without discrimination, a state without classes and national oppression, a state which allows Arabs and Jews to develop their national culture will suffice”.

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IRSP Oppose Orange Order Parade in Strabane.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party has likened the application by the Orange Order to coat trail 300 orange men, supporters and bands through the entirely nationalist Strabane town centre to “the Klu Klux Klan marching through Harlem”.

Michael McLaughlin of the IRSP continues “We cannot understand why the Orange Order wants to go out of their way to create a new contentious parade in Strabane. A parade of hundreds of Orange Order members, pipe bands, flute bands and supporters marching around Strabanes Main Street and around the town on the 12th of July is blatantly a sectarian coat trailing exercise. Irreversible damage could be done to community relations in the town”.

Mr McLaughlin continues “The days when Strabane was held to ransom by the Orange State and Orange Order are long gone and these people need to get that into their heads. If the Orange Order think for one second republicans, socialists and progressives would accept this show of sectarian triumphalism they are badly mistaken. Would the Orange Orders ideological bedfellows in the Klu Klux Klan be allowed to march around Harlem, no they wouldn’t and that’s how absurd this whole thing is”.

Mr McLaughlin finishes “We have held informal preliminary talks with the local branches of Republican Network for Unity and the 1916 Societies around collectively physically blocking the contentious Orange Order parade. If the Parades Commission determination allows this march to continue unregulated we will stop it. Republicans in Strabane have allowed the Orange Order to continue to have parades along the predominately nationalist Patrick Street for over a decade. If the Orange Order continue to try and raise sectarian tensions this agreement may have to be revised”.

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INLA Volunteers Mural Unveiling – Belfast Sunday 29th June

On Sunday 29th June there will be an unveiling at 3pm at the International Wall, Divis Street of a mural created by a local artist dedicated to four fallen Belfast volunteers of the Irish National Liberation Army:

.  Families of the fallen volunteers, all available members of the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, friends and supporters are asked to assemble at the St Peters area at 2pm to make their way to the mural unveiling.

I measc laochra na nGael go raibh i nainmeacha.

For further details contact:

IRSP National Headquarters,
Costello House,
392b Falls Road,
Tel:  028 90321024



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Belfast IRSP Condemns Racist Attacks

The Irish Republican Socialist Party strongly condemns the recent racist attack on a West Belfast man as he walked to his place of work.  Shamefully, this outrageous attack was motivated simply by the colour of this man’s skin and carried out by thugs who represent no-one except anti-community lumpen elements.
The IRSP since it’s inception 40 years ago have always been proactively opposed to racism and it’s sinister cheerleaders who constantly seek to divide working class people by xenophobic scapegoating.  It is a tragedy that racist attacks have occurred in West Belfast, an area that still suffers from the impact of imperialism.  As a Republican Socialist party we view both racist attacks and indeed sectarian or homophobic attacks as fruit of the same poison tree.
The vast majority in West Belfast and Ireland itself are always working class people, irrespective of their colour, gender, sexual preference or religion, we are all one class of people.  The IRSP, along with the vast majority of working class people in West Belfast and beyond, offer our support to victims of racist attacks and will oppose racism wherever it appears.
Alex McGuigan
Belfast IRSP
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British Intelligence Agencies, omnipresent gods of surveillance.



British Intelligence Agencies, omnipresent gods of surveillance.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party urges everyone to continue to remain aware of the activities of British Intelligence agencies operating in Ireland after a party member was approached to become a spy.

Michael McLaughlin of IRSP continues “There exists no form of communication or no single person that British Intelligence Agencies will not collect, monitor and store data on. From your social media, phone calls, text messages, emails to international espionage British Intelligence Agencies are one click away from accessing a portal into every aspect of anyone’s life anywhere and at anytime. That’s the dangerous reality of the world we live in.”

“This vast wealth of personal information will be used in any way British Intelligence sees fit. Personal profiles are created possible targets are identified and the establishments self serving agenda pushed at all times.”

“Irish republicans are no strangers to this surveillance and do not need reminded how this intelligence gathering will be used against us. Indentified targets are approached threatened with prison, harassment, death anything to trap them into betraying their family, friends and community.”

Mr McLaughlin explains the incident “One such incident took place at Belfast City Airport last week. An IRSP member was approached while getting of a flight from Glasgow by two plain clothed PSNI officers and hurried into a side room in the Airport. He was lead into a room where he was told his ID had to be checked and bags searched. On entering the room he was told that two people would like to speak to him. When the PSNI left the room two individuals entered and said “we believe you are in a unique position to help us”. After being challenged to identify themselves the two individuals replied they were “representatives of GCHQ” which stands for Government Communications Headquarters a senior British Intelligence Agency.  On hearing this the IRSP member immediately asked if he was under arrest and when he was told no he immediately left the room.”

Mr McLaughlin finishes “The IRSP member acted in the correct manner. He did not engage in conversation and left the situation immediately as your every word and action is analysed for signs of weakness.  He immediately contacted friends and the IRSP to inform them of the incident. This is how British Intelligence must be dealt with.”

“British intelligence in Ireland never sleeps and works hand in hand with the PSNI at every level. You are not obligated by any law to pass on information or to spy for them they cannot arrest or detain you. They may offer you a financial incentive to spy on your friends, family or community but history has shown once you fulfil their needs you are expendable.”

The IRSP urge all republicans, community workers, trade unionists, individuals to remain vigilant. If approached be transparent tell someone and everyone you are being targeted as it may continue if not exposed.

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