Recent Statements from the I.R.S.P.
New Year Statement from the Leadership of the Irish Republican Socialist Party

1st January 2009

The IRSP send greetings to all our members and supporters as we enter 2009 . We send sincere solidarity greetings to all republican Prisoners, at home or abroad. We express our fullest solidarity with the people of the Gaza Strip enduring a barbarous assault by the pro-imperialist Israeli regime. We stand shoulder to shoulder with all those who resist the forces of imperialism and reactionary ideologies.

We are confident that the way forward not only for all the people on the isle of Ireland but also throughout the world is through the struggle for socialism. The current crisis of capitalism is leading to an attack on the living standards of millions of working class people. Unemployment will rise, more will sink into poverty and the dangers of war increase. The only viable alternative is Socialism, which will replace the anarchy of the free market with a planned economy that caters for the needs of the majority.

It is clear to many Republicans a that the current set up at Stormont is not a steppingstone to a Republic but a cementing of British rule in Ireland. The IRSP will continue to work with other republicans to expose the hollow fallacies at the heart of the Good Friday Agreement and the St Andrews Agreement. We will not be deflected by the campaign of arrests, harassment denigration and lies carried out by pro-imperialist forces north and south of the border on our membership.

We urge all republicans to work in harmony with each other to expose the weaknesses of the current constitutional set up. It is not a time for “ourselves alone” philosophy.

At the same time we urge all republicans and socialists to step up our activities in both the social and economic fields. Unless and until republican socialists take ownership and leadership of the day today class struggles then our struggle will not succeed.

Finally we salute all our former political prisoners, all our former and current volunteers who have stood loyally by the ideals and principles of republican socialism.

The Struggle continues.


The Irish Republican Socialist Party are opposed to any second referendum on the Lisbon Treaty. The people have already voted on this issue last June, 2008, and rejected the advice of the establishment and their parties and kicked Lisbon out. Now because things did not go the establishments way they, and their political masters in Paris and Brussels, have decided that the people must vote again and this time, from their view point, get it right. There is one thing for certain if, last June, the outcome of the first referendum had been favourable towards the establishment parties and Lisbon was accepted there would have been more chance of finding rocking horses running at Epsom than a second referendum. The establishment are going ahead with this insult simply because they can! It can be reasonably argued that this issue, following a precedent being set after the Nice Treaty was re-run, signals the beginning of the end for the Irish Constitution. Referenda are all well and good provided they go the establishments way and when they don’t, try again. If the voice of the people is as sovereign as we are led to believe Lisbon would be dead and buried. It would appear that treaties in Ireland are similar to Brams Stockers character Dracula, the people think the beast is dead only to find it risen from the dead.

Recently our political leaders came back from Brussels with some half baked tale about promises “of legally binding guarantees” which are meaningless. They are not even guarantees but merely “promises of guarantees” which are certainly not the same thing. Even the promises they have are not priority issues. The issue of a commissioner was sited by around 2-3 percent of respondents when surveyed as to why they voted no! Things which really mater to people such as the possibility of public services going out to private tender and workers rights didn’t even warrant a “promise of a guarantee”. Any workers rights will be subject to the needs of capitalism and the bosses being served adequately first meaning, the bosses will still have the right to trample all over workers except with the Lisbon Treaty behind them. The European elite gave some vague recognition of respecting Irelands neutrality while at the same time continuing to speak of “Battle Groups”. For what it is worth at a meeting, which the IRSP attended, at the offices of the European Commission in Dublin on Monday 15th December a speaker representing the Fine Gael party, Lucinda Creighton, when questioned by a representative of the Irish Anti War Movement on Irish neutrality said Ireland “was not neutral”. Fine Gael are supposed to be the party of opposition in the Dail. However when it comes to defending the class interests of the bourgeoisie there is no opposition. When the IRSP representative questioned Joe Costello, Labour Party, at the same meeting about his party’s apparent change of heart regarding a second referendum he was unable to give a straight answer. The question was put to Joe that “the Labour Party were against a second referendum after the defeat of the first one” he answered “we are opposed to a second referendum in the same format, asking the same questions”. When the Chairperson of the forum, Kevin Raffter, pushed the labour speaker asking “if you had to vote tomorrow which way would you vote” to which the beleaguered Labour TD again could not give a straight answer.

As far as the IRSP are concerned there should be no second referendum as it has already been decided by the people. However given the fact that there is going to be one we, along with our colleagues in the Campaign Against European Union Constitution, will be campaigning for another rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. Lisbon mark one was essentially the ill-fated European Constitution, rejected by the French and Dutch electorate which was why these people were not allowed to vote on acceptance or rejection of the Lisbon Treaty. Just as Lisbon mark one was of no noticeable difference to the European Constitution, so too will Lisbon mark two be of any consequential difference to its ill-fated predecessor.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party would strongly recommend another rejection, not that there should be a re-run in the first place, of the Lisbon Treaty. We would warn people who may be undecided that any “promises of guarantees” are a far cry from written guarantees and must not be taken in the same light. Even if the government do manage to get something more concrete on the area of a commissioner how much importance would you, the people, place on this issue? Also do not be misled with such clap trap as “we have received a declaration” from the European Commission because, like “promises of guarantees”, declarations are meaningless. They are not protocols, they hold no legal weight no more than do promises.

Finally we might remind people of the words of former French President Valery Giscard d Estang on the Lisbon Treaty, in order to deny the French people a referendum, the treaty should be designed to “head off any threat of referenda by avoiding any form of constitutional vocabulary”. This was echoed by the Belgium Foreign Minister, Karel de Gucht, who said “the aim of this treaty is to be unreadable”, in other words don’t let the people have a clue what they are voting on. There will be no fundamental difference in Lisbon mark two to that of mark one, simply because it can’t be changed without rewriting the whole document and it has taken too long for the European bourgeoisie to concoct for that to happen. The bottom line is there will be no change in the meaning or content of the Lisbon Treaty, make sure there is no change in the outcome of the vote. When the time comes vote NO .

Kevin Morley

Secretary Irish Republican Socialist Party
Dublin Cumann


Press Release: IRSP Welcome Derry 4 Release

19 December 2008

The IRSP wholeheartedly welcomes the release of the four republicans known as the Derry 4 from court today in Dublin.It was quite clear to anyone who was following this farcical trial that the evidence of the Gardai was at best suspect and at worst very sinister and devious. The antics of the Guards in this case in regards to tampering with evidence, changing statements and fabricating facts sheds light on their continued corruption and subservency to the British in that they seem to want to go to any lengths to serve their masters in London by attempting to jail Irish men despite trying to do so outside of the law.

We further welcome the fact that these men will be with their families at Christmas and we congratulate all their friends and supporters in the Free the Derry 4 Campaign given the successful outcome of this trial.


25 Nov 2008

IRSP Send Solidarity to Calcast Workers

The Irish Republican Socialist Party salutes the courage and determination of the workers of Calcast who are currently undertaking an occupation of the Calcast plant in Campsie.

The workers are fully within their rights to demand what is rightfully theirs. The cynical manipulation of the situation by Calcast and by extension, Montupet, is really not surprising as their sole motivation is making as much money as possible for shareholders.

The history of Montupet in relation to workers rights is well known. They have consistently trampled over the rights of workers in Belfast and in France and this has only been curtailed by numerous strikes and protests by workers. In fact, we salute the solidarity actions in the Dunmurry plant in Belfast where workers there have refused to handle product from Calcast until the situation in Campsie is resolved.

We are confident that we echo the views of the working class people of this city when we extend our solidarity to the workers and their families and in doing so we would call on all those interested in the rights of all workers to stand in solidarity and to support them in any way possible. The workers, by their actions already have certainly inspiried, but they must stand firm in the face of a greedy multinational company, they must remain mindful that their struggle will be an inspiration to all other workers who are currently facing similar situations.



IRSP Condemn Petrol Bombing in Gobnascale

12 Nov 2008

The IRSP condemn a petrol bomb attack on a home in Derry View in Gobnascale last night in which a mother and her five children luckily escaped serious injury.

Two petrol bombs were thrown at windows of the house at around 12.30am on Wednesday morning. Luckily these petrol bombs did not reach their intended targets, the occupants of the house.

This attack comes in the wake of recent community unease at the actions of drug dealers in the area and we believe that this attack in a direct response from drug dealers to the community’s opposition to their activities.

The IRSP have been in contact with members of the Gobnascale community, including the occupants of the house, and we have assured them of our full and total support. There is a great sense of anger at this latest turn of events in which drug dealers have attempted to intimidate and attack community activists. There is a clear message that must go out following this attack and that is that drug dealers will not intimidate working class people.


IRSP Refute PSNI Propaganda and Spin

13 Nov 2008

Following the PSNI’s statement alleging INLA involvement in recent drugs finds in Derry and Strabane we feel compelled to totally refute this allegation. No members of the RSM have ever been connected with or charged with drug activities of any kind, the record is there for all to see.

The PSNI statement is deliberately vague and misleading, it is political and is a very poor attempt at discrediting the Republican Socialist Movement. This follows attempts by the PSNI locally to force local newspaper editors to censor anti-GFA republicans and is part of an overall propaganda move by the state to silence and negate the good community work carried out by members of the Republican Socialist Movement. We call on newspaper editors not to allow their publications to become propaganda tools of the British state to be used in futile attempts to discredit republicans.

We will not be deflected from our goals and from our work on the ground. Our record there, where it matters, speaks for itself. Only this week we stood in solidarity with members of the community who came under murderous attack by drug dealers and our movement has been and will continue to be at the forefront in the fight against drug dealers.



IRSP on Proposed Nursing Home Closures

12 Nov 2008

The IRSP are calling on the Western Health and Social Services Board to withdraw their proposal to close four homes for the elderly in the board area.

We have been contacted by relatives of a ninety-nine year old lady who is presently in Foyleville old people’s home, one of those planned to close, who are extremely concerned at this proposal. They fear for her and other residents if this proposal gets the go ahead.

Spokesperson for the IRSP Columba McLaughlin said; “We are extremely concerned by these proposals. It is our understanding that there are presently ten elderly residents in Foyleville and that no new residents have been accepted for some time and this has been designed in order to run the home down. Family members have also contacted other nursing homes in the Derry city area since news of these proposals broke and have been unable to find suitable vacancies in this area. It is the fear of family members that if Foyleville is closed down the residents will be scattered to other establishments outside of Derry, away from the security of their present home and further away from their families. This will lead to a detrimental affect on their quality of life.

He continued; “Their age, coupled with the fact that these residents are already well settled, leads us to believe that there are inherent dangers in moving such frail and elderly people away from where they feel secure. This proposal, it seems, does not take into account the quality of care that these residents are receiving. What seems to be more important is filling the black hole in their balance sheets and this is not acceptable. The priority here must be the care that the most vulnerable in our society receive and this should not be compromised by financial concerns."

“Gerard Diver Should Consider his Position” - IRSP


Following the secret reception in Derry for members of the British Army returning from areas of occupation the Irish Republican Socialist Party in Derry feel compelled to call on Cllr Diver to consider his position. Once again the SDLP in Derry have ridden rough shod over the feelings of the vast majority of people in this city. Mayor Gerard Diver welcomed local members of the Imperialist British Army to his parlour in order to recognise their safe homecoming from Imperialist war.

The very fact the the Britsh Army are still occupying not only Ireland, but also Iraq and Afghanistan and all the war crimes that are ongoing in these countries should immediately put up a barrier to such events but in their quest for the normalisation of British Imperialist occupation of Ireland the SDLP has chosen to ignore these facts. Over one million Iraqi civilians have been butchered as a result of the illegal occupation of that country by the US and Britain. This is not sometime in the distant past, this is happening now.

The very fact that this reception was held in secret and conducted in stealth mode shows clearly that Gerard Diver knew full well that republicans, socialists and anti-imperialists standing in solidarity with families of those butchered by the British army in Derry and across Ireland and across the world would have mobilised against this sick spectacle.

Derry's history is littered with the bodies of the victims of British Imperialism and their armed campaigns against the Irish working class. It is an afront to the people of Derry that this reception took place and is a clear indictment on Cllr Diver himself. Skulking in backrooms and sneaking into receptions for a foreign occupying power shows the depths to which the SDLP have sunk.

The IRSP has been contacted by members of the community in Derry, including victims families, incensed by this latest turn of events and we see this reception as a shameful to say the least.

As a result of the secrecy surrounding this event family members of those murdered by British occupiers were not given the opportunity to make their feelings known in time for this event. Because of this and the fact he welcomed members of an army now occupying not only Ireland, but also Iraq, Afghanistan and the Balkhans, councillor Diver should consider his position and resign from office. He has shamed not only himself but the entire city by his pro-imperialist actions.


Dublin Government fail the disabled
August 20, 2008
Campbell/Morris Cumann IRSP.

It has come to the attention of the IRSP, that the Dublin government have no system in place to help disabled children they finish school.

Commenting on this, Cumann PRO Críos Ó Dubhthaigh said: “It is a disgrace that young disabled people are not given the proper chances in life and the opportunity to function like every other citizen“

In other countries around Europe there are projects in place where young disabled people are integrated into the workforce. This can only be of great benefit for the disabled and their families.

Críos continued: “In Ireland after finishing school the disabled are confined to day centres. This process can not be good for any young developing child let alone a disabled one.”

In conclusion Críos said: “The work integration scheme has proved enormously beneficial in other countries. I would call on all government officials and those in high places to reassess their attitude to the disabled. By pushing for the implementation of a similar program in Ireland“



Press Release: Anti-community actions cause concern
14 May 2008
During the early hours of Sunday morning, 11th May, at approximately 3.30 am, a member of the IRSP, Martin Collins, came across a group of young people who were in the process of burning a wheelie bin against the shutters of the Ladbrokes bookmakers in Central Drive in Creggan.

When he noticed this he immediately stopped his car and approached the youths involved who ran off in the direction of Rinmore Drive. Martin Collins phoned the fire brigade who arrived a few minutes later and extinguished the fire.

Commenting on the incident, IRSP member Martin Collins said, “This type of activity is ongoing and persistent and the recent summer weather will, in our view, lead to a rise in this type of activity. What I witnessed was young people, some as young as twelve or thirteen, taking part in this activity at this hour of the morning. Serious questions have to be asked as to the parental responsibility shown as the majority of these young people were of school going age. There were six or seven youths involved in this and this goes against recent claims that this particular area has been cleaned up and that this activity has been halted. What I witnessed runs counter to these claims. I just don’t understand how children of this age were able to roam the streets at this hour and wreak havoc amongst the community. The IRSP would ask parents to be aware of where their children are and who they are with and to make sure that they are not involved in this type of anti-community activity. Anyone concerned about this activity are asked to contact the IRSP office in Leafair on 71353090.”

Commenting further Martin Collins also highlighted another incident where another member of the IRSP prevented an assault on an Italian tourist at the weekend. “During the weekend also a group of young men were attempting to assault a tourist who was making his way between Waterloo Street and William Street. He was approached by the group of men who’s clear intention was to assault him. The IRSP member who was working nearby seen the plight of the frightened tourist and immediately intervened and prevented the assault.” Martin Collins praised the IRSP member for his intervention, but also said that both incidents reflect need for a unified community response to anti-social activity in Derry.


1 May 2008
Irish Republican Socialist Party

May Day 2008 Statement

The Irish Republican Socialist Party wishes to extend heartfelt solidarity with all Peoples struggling for Socialism across the Globe on International Workers Day. Today we reach out to each other to gain momentum in order to struggle on against Capitalist exploitation and its savage Imperialist adventurism. We particularly thank our comrades in the IRSCNA for tirelessly working to raise awareness of the anti imperialist struggle in Ireland, the struggle for National Liberation and Socialism.

Across the Globe advances have been made in the last 12 months. The Nepalese people have elected a Maoist government who are promising to press ahead with progressive governance. in Venezuela, the ruling United Socialist Party of Venezuela is forging its progress towards Socialist society, consolidating the economy with more nationalisation of key industries. Cuba remains steadfast in face of contrary media speculation with the aid and cooperation of Venezuela. There are bright lights burning still for the cause of workers power and human freedom.

The scourge of Capitalism and Imperialism still scar the world however. The Iraqi resistance struggles on against the storm troopers of Western Imperialism. Israel still acts as the jackboot on the face of the occupied Palestinian people who bravely continue to struggle on in the face of impossible odds. Yet despite the needless bloodshed witnessed in the middle east, the US and its Israeli deputy still sabre rattle against Iran and Syria. The people of the World must prepare to react if today's Imperialist superpower ,the Unitied States, draws more blood in the Middle East in its quest for Hegemony in the Oil rich region.

Global Capitalism still squats on the lives of many millions of people across the world, making misery of lives in the pursuit of profit. Millions of children die needlessly of starvation or treatable illnesses. Millions of Children continue to be exploited by Western multinationals making dispensable fashion trinkets for rich western children. We ask all western children to make this their frontline in the battle against child exploitation in the third world turn their back on exploitive companies such as Nike by boycotting them and telling their friends why they are boycotting them.

In Ireland, we still suffer under Imperialism. Moreover we are having salt being rubbed into our wounds with a new MI5 supercentre being opened outside of Belfast and tracts of Irish countryside being used to train Imperialist troops for their murderous campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq. The Working Class of Ireland remains divided North and South. Sectarianism continues and will continue as long as partition remains hence dividing the Northern working class from uniting to push for our new Socialist Republic out of the sphere of control and influence of Imperialist Britain, the US and EU.

Our youth continue to grow up in a society defined along sectarian lines. Sectarian lines designed by the Imperialist dominator to keep the people of this island apart. Division of the Irish working class is a British tactic designed for their needs. Loyalty to Britain was rewarded in the past to a section of the Northern working class with priveledged access to Industrial jobs and a monopoly on political power. This could never last and when global capitalism took heavy industrial labour to cheaper markets, the protestant working class have been left with nothing but blind loyalty. It is now in their interests to reject the exploitation of Britain and to begin exploring avenues to our Socialist Republic. Do not allow another generation of children to grow up exploited by the scourge of sectarianism. Do not allow another generation of children to grow up under the dark shadow of Capitalism.

Capitalism will continue to keep a sizable percentage of children growing up in poverty, exposing them to dangers of crime, drug and alcohol abuse and violence. When the child is old enough, the Imperialist government will hand him or her a rifle to go off on an Imperialist adventure to kill or be killed. If today's children are to one day bear a rifle, let it be for the Socialist Republic.

We in the IRSM will certainly do our part in organising and struggling for the Workers Republic here in Ireland. We will continue to struggle against imperialist occupation in the north and corrupt capitalist exploitation in the south. Bertie Ahern is merely the latest in what will be more self serving leaders of an increasingly inhumane system.. Radical organisation in the South is becoming harder with draconian laws and oppression being meted out against the IRSM in the last 12 months. All of which supported by a cheerleader media of the bourgeois. Blackening the name of the IRSM and other radical groups in the south is commonplace but these lies were exposed when a senior Gardai detective revealed that there was no evidence of any links between the INLA and drug dealing gangs. We will carry on our struggle regardless of media smear campaigns and state oppression.

We in the IRSM salute all others in the world who struggle under similar and worse conditions. To our comrades in Palestine, the Philippines, Catalunya, Euskal Herria, Lebanon, Iraq, Venezuela, Cuba, Colombia and many other countries struggling for justice and freedom, our deep felt solidarity. Beidh ar la linn.

# # #

Irish Republican Socialist Party
392B Falls Road
Belfast BT12 6DH


IRSCNA and RSYM joint statement on passing of George Habash
2 - 1 - 08

The Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America and the
Republican Socialist Youth Movement would like to acknowledge the passing
of Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine founder and previous
Secretary George Habash. We pay our profound respect to this heroic man
who gave all for his people. But far more than just a martyr, Habash
pointed to the way forward for the Palestinian masses: his analysis, which
tied the anti-colonial struggle to the class struggle remains
fundamentally correct. As James Connolly predicted, to divorce the class
struggle from the anti-imperialist struggle is a sure recipe for failure
in the current capitalist era. This has been proven correct beyond any
shadow of a doubt in the terrible experience of Palestine.

The legacy of Habash and the PFLP is one of proletarian internationalism,
the cornerstone of genuinely revolutionary Marxism. The PFLP actively
aided other workers anti-imperialist struggles throughout the world, not
least of which was the Irish Republican Socialist Movement.

While we hope that the PFLP's calls for increased anti-imperialist
cooperation amongst the broader Palestinian national movement are heeded,
we also sincerely hope that the PFLP's much-needed revolutionary political
line gains in influence. Like the Irish Republican Socialist Movement, the
PFLP has seen it's political influence dwarfed by its larger and more
reformist sibling within the national liberation struggle.

His passing is a loss the Palestinian national movement, and the
anti-imperialist movement generally cannot afford to lose. Let us hope
that his passing can at least serve to revive interest in the only genuine
and scientific anti-imperialism: Marxist anti-imperialism.

Is muidne,
Republican Socialist Youth Movement
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Co. Antrim
BT48 6DH
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Irish Republican Socialist Committees of North America
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Derry Journal
IRSP deny drug claims
10 January 2008

The IRSP in Derry have rubbished claims made in a national
newspaper that the INLA is trying to become the largest drugs gang in the country.

A spokesperson for the IRSP in Derry claimed the allegations are part of a
"smear campaign" against the republican socialist movement.

"These allegations are total rubbish. In Derry, the IRSP have been at the
forefront of the struggle against the scourge of drugs in our communities in
the Creggan and Galliagh areas. No members of the IRSP have been convicted of
drugs offences, so I don't know where these claims are coming from," he said.

The IRSP spokesperson also suggested the allegations were designed to curtail
the growth of the movement.

"The republican socialist movement has been growing dramatically in recent
months, particularly in areas like Dublin and Cork and the authorities in the
South don't like it, so they are spreading rumours like these to try and stop
the growth.

"We would challenge the people who are making these allegations to show us
proof. If the IRSP found that any of our members were involved in these
type of
activities it would not be tolerated," the spokesperson added.
IRSP: Poverty figures unacceptable

Irish Republican Socialist Party
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*** Statement ***

Irish Republican Socialist Party

Responding to an interim report by the The Committee for the Office of the
First Minister and Deputy First Minister the IRSP has branded the child
poverty figures given by the Committee as unacceptable.

IRSP Spokesperson Gerard Foster said “The fact that in this day and age,
more than 40,000 children in the north are believed to be living in
poverty is a disgrace. 40,000 represents 10% of the north's child

Mr. Foster continued “This highlights the complete failure of Stormont to
deliver for the working class. The recent budget put forward by Stormont
represents the economic interests of the ruling class and the capitulation
of all parties over the issue of impending water charges is set to make
poverty an even greater issue in the future.”

In conclusion Mr. Foster said “Some quarters are suggesting that the
Programme for Government provides a solution to poverty. We would reject
this entirely, to challenge and end poverty is to end the present economic
system that favours the rich.”

*** Statement ends ***


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