IRSP Policy

The Broad Front
What is National Liberation?
The Road to Revolution in Ireland
Why the IRPS?
Brief History of the Irish Republican Socialist Party (Pamphlet Reprint)
Women In Ireland (Pamphlet Reprint)
Loyalism (Pamphlet Reprint)
Level Of Economic Development (Pamphlet Reprint)
European Community (Pamphlet Reprint)
National Liberation Struggle (Pamphlet Reprint)
This is Republican Socialism!

Theory / Analysis

Left Republicanism
Province of permanent instability ‘normalises’
Republicanism and policing – a historical context
Connolly’s strategy and 1916
A blow for democracy
The Revolutionary Proletariat and The Right Of Nations To Self-Determination
Workshop Talks by James Connolly
IRSP Political Secretary John Martin's 1999 presentation on republican socialism
James Connolly & Irish Freedom: A Marxist Analysis by G. Schuller