The Irish Republican Socialist Party represents the trend within the workers movement that understands that separating the struggle for national liberation from the struggle to establish a workers' republic can only end in failure. The cul-de-sac of the Good Friday /St Andrews agreements and their failure to even address the national question or democratising the six county sectarian state confirms the Party's analysis.

The Irish Republican Socialist Party has been the only party consistent in its support for the reproductive rights of women and for full sexual liberation since our foundation in 1974 and the Starry Plough openly provided information for women on how to go about getting an abortion - erstwhile the right-wing of the national liberation movement were calling for contraceptives to be banned in Republican News. We were the first party to call for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender liberation in Ireland, long before any other party would touch the issue. We proudly remain active participants in the struggle for full human rights in the spirit of the 1916 Proclamation.

The IRSP seeks the creation of a new revolutionary state in Ireland, the smashing of both states, not the merging of two already existing sectarian entities. The IRSP seeks to establish the democratic rule of the working class at the head of the means of production, distribution and exchange - the true liberation of the Irish people.

The IRSP is not nationalist, but an internationalist party that actively intervenes in the struggles of working people around the globe.

General History

Irish Republican Socialist Movement: Twenty Years of Struggle
What Is Irish Republican Socialism? 
The Relevance of James Connolly in Ireland Today by George Gilmore
Beyond the Pale (IRSC-produced abbreviated history of Ireland)
The Connolly-Walker Controversy: On Socialist Unity in Ireland [From Forward]
Freedom's Road for Irish Workers by "Ronald"
The Struggle of the Unemployed in Belfast, Oct. 1932: The Falls and Shankill Unite by Tom Bell
1976 INLA Escape from Long Kesh

Historical Documents

Easter Proclamation
Declaration of Independence
Democratic Programme
IRSP Founding Statement
Ta Power Document