Thomas "Ta" Power
Assassinated by IPLO on 20 January 1987

Aged 33, assassinated by IPLO with John O'Reilly at the Rossnaree Hotel outside Drogheda. He and O'Reilly had gone to the hotel to reach an agreement with the IPLO. One of those who carried out the assassination was Gerard Steenson.
From Friendly Street in the Markets area of south Belfast, he had been in the OIRA but joined the INLA in 1975 while a prisoner in Long Kesh.

Noted for having spent the longest time on remand (4 years and 4 months) on the word of grass Harry Kirkpatrick, he was also held on the evidence of five different supergrasses, and had just been released from Crumlin Road a short time before he was killed.

Respected in republican circles, he was widely regarded as a thinker and theorist, having drawn up a plan while in prison on reorganisation of the Republican Socialist Movement. This ambitious plan, which placed all sections of the movement subordinate to the political direction of the IRSP, had been adopted by the INLA shortly before his death.