Patsy O'Hara
Died on Hunger Strike on 21 May 1981

Patsy O Hara was born on 11th July 1957 in Derry city. The violence during the civil rights marches of the late 1960s, and Patsy's presence at the Battle of the Bogside in August 1969 aroused passionate feelings of nationalism. By 1975, Patsy had joined the INLA.

Patsy was arrested on 14th May 1979 and was charged with possessing a hand-grenade. In January 1980, he was sentenced to eight years in jail and went on the blanket, where he later became Officer Commanding of the INLA prisoners in the H-Blocks.

Patsy was 61 days on hunger strike; at 11.29 p.m. on 21st May 1981 he became the first INLA Volunteer to to die on hunger strike, just as he had been the first INLA Volunteer to join the strike.