John Morris
Killed in Action on 5 June 1997

John "Johnny Morocco" Morris, aged 26, from Sundale Close, Tallaght, Co. Dublin, died in hospital a day after being shot at least twice in the back of the head and chest by gardai during an INLA expropriation at a newspaper distributor's depot in Goldenbridge industrial estate in Inchicore, Dublin.
Reports say Morris had been a recruitment officer for the INLA in South Dublin.

The INLA identified Morris as a member on active service duty as a volunteer at the time he was killed. Three others with Morris during the expropriation were later jailed by the Special Criminal Court on 11 March 1998.

At his funeral, mourners were told that there would be "many more like John prepared to take up the fight on behalf of the Irish working class" and that he had been engaged in a struggle against "British imperialism and Irish capitalism."

The garda was accused of failing to act against drug dealers and politicians of helping to divide society, at the funeral, and it was noted that Morris had observed the growth of economic inequality. "While some grew rich, many were ripped off and exploited" the crowd was told.

He was buried in with military honours at Bohernabreena Cemetary by a 12-man colour party, with a heavy gardai presence.

The gun Morris used was unloaded and he had offered surrender when the Garda arrived. Despite early press reports to the contrary, it was later clarified that Morris was shot in the back of the head.