Paul "Bonanza" McCann
Killed in Action on 15 June 1984

Described in an INLA statement to Belfast news agencies as an "INLA staff officer in the Belfast Brigade and an outstanding worker in the republican socialist movement" as well as "one of our finest volunteers", Paul "Bonanza" McCann was killed in questionable circumstances during a midnight raid by the RUC and British troops in a flat in Lenadoon, west Belfast.

Three men (one of them Gino Gallagher) and a woman who were with McCann were arrested at the scene. One RUC constable was killed and two others injured during the raid.

Initial reports from the RUC said McCann was slain when police opened fire after he shot at officers, but later the RUC said no shots were fired by the police or army.

Attempts by RUC and soldiers to stop a military-style funeral for McCann resulted in clashes after the route was blocked by security forces when four masked men lined up behind the coffin. The funeral was allowed to progress only when organisers agreed that the funeral would continue without the honour guard being present.