Noel Lyttle
Assassinated on 15 October 1980

Noel Lyttle, aged 44, member of the Irish Republican Socialist Party, was shot and killed along with Ronnie Bunting when three SAS attackers broke into Bunting's Turf Lodge house in Belfast.

Because Bunting's home had been repeatedly raided by security forces, detailed plans of the house existed, and the killers knew precisely where to find Bunting and Lyttle.

It was widely believed that at the time of his murder, Noel Lyttle had assumed the duties Miriam Daly had held within the movement, organising within the movement as well as being on the executive of the National H-Block/Armagh Committee.

It was suspected that the same SAS unit that killed Lyttle had also killed Miriam Daly in June of 1980. John Turnly of the Irish Independence Party and later Bernadette Devlin McAliskey in January of 1981 were victims of attempted murders by loyalist paramilitaries, all in a campaign to destroy the National H-Block/Armagh Committee, on whose executive the four sat.

It was also suspected that the official British policy, failing in their attempts to crush the IRSM, was to hit "soft targets" to avenge the INLA assassination of Airey Neave, Thatcher's loyal ally killed by a mercury-tilt bomb in the carpark beneath Parliament.