Miriam Daly
Assassinated on 26 June 1980

Outspoken republican socialist Miriam Daly, aged 45, was murdered on 26 June, 1980, in her home on Andersonstown Road, Andersonstown, Belfast. Her body, bound and shot, was found by her nine-year-old daughter after she returned from school.

Mrs. Daly, a lecturer in economic and social history at Queen's University in Belfast, was one of the original founders of the Irish Republican Socialist Party with Seamus Costello, and become the party's second chairperson.

She joined a list of martyrs that came to include Noel Lyttle, a fellow republican socialist and committed activist in the H-Block Campaigns, IRSP/H-Block activist Ronnie Bunting, and John Turnley of the Irish Independence Party, all of whom represented the national leadership of the H-Block Committee and as such became targets for the state apparatus, and the loyalist paramilitary death squads under its control, in its desire to crush the prisoners' struggle.

Indicating her level of involvement and influence within the movement, a four-man honour guard from the INLA joined the funeral cortege as it halted outside the Daly house in West Belfast on its way to the requiem Mass and fired a volley of shots over her casket in a tribute to the fallen martyr.

Miriam Daly, IRSP Chairperson and INLA volunteer, is buried at Swords, near Dublin, in the Irish Republic.