Joe Craven
Assassinated by loyalists on 5 December 1983

Aged 25, Joe Craven was assassinated by a UVF gunman (claimed under the cover Protestant Action Force) who opened fire from a motorcycle, killing him and wounding his two brothers as they walked to a labour exchange.

At his funeral, the priest refused to accompany the coffin to Milltown where the INLA were to provide military honours. The RUC moved in, trying to prevent the display of a black beret and gloves atop the coffin outside the Craven home, and clashes occurred between the mourners and the RUC. The family refused to bring the coffin out until the security forces moved back. When they finally did move away, the coffin was brought back out and the RUC surged back, and two men were arrested in the subsequent scuffle.

The coffin was eventually carried away by mourners with the beret, gloves and the Starry Plough on top.