Séamus Costello,
founder of the
Irish Republican Socialist Party
"Of all the politicians and political people with whom I have had conversations, and whom I have had conversations, and who called themselves followers of Connolly, he was the only one who truly understood what James Connolly meant when he spoke of his vision of the freedom of the Irish people."

    - Nora Connolly, daughter of James Connolly, speaking of Seamus Costello shortly after his assassination


"One of the Greatest Leaders in 800 Years"
(a bio from The Starry Plough, 1977)

Political Biography and Tributes from His Friends and Comrades
Published in 1979 by The Seamus Costello Memorial Committee
(large file size, incorporates some of the writings from this page)


Oration at Bodenstown
(Text of oration delivered by Seamus Costello at the Wolfe Tone commemoration at Bodenstown, 1966)

Aims, Principles, Policies
(Interview shortly after the formation of the IRSP in which Costello defined the party's aims and objectives)

Principled Stand
(1975 interview in which Costello defined the main ideological differences between the IRSP and the Officials)

Loyalism and the Connolly Approach
(Costello's approach to the problem of "loyalism" among the Belfast Protestant working class, based on Connolly's teachings, March, 1975)

The Broad Front
(Document presented by Costello at "Broad Front" talks held between various socialist and anti-imperialist groups in 1977)

Policy Statement
(Address by Costello to the Troops Out Movement conference in Dublin, September 18, 1976)

Interview with Seamus Costello
(Interview in Starry Plough in which Costello addressed differences between the IRSM and the Officials and Provisionals, as well as policies of the IRSP)


The Oration They Would Not Report
(The oration at Seamus Costello's funeral, October 1977)

Seamus Costello: An Appreciation
(from the IRSCNA)

Seamus O'Coistealbha
(Poem by a young poet, composed as a tribute to Costello's memory following his death)

An Appreciation of Seamus Costello
(By Fionnbarra O'Dochartaigh, Republican News, 12 November 1977)